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Soundproof Office Pods

What are Pods?

An Office booths or pods is a great way to completely isolate from the rest of the floorspace, essentially it is used as a private space to work and concentrate. Acoustic pods is a self contained area within a room (a room-in-room solution) that provides offices with acoustic private meeting space such as meeting room pods, office phone booths, privacy booths and mini work pods.

Most of our pods are freestanding units, not fixed structures which is perfect for flexible work spaces and office planning. All of our pods are designed to be completely self-contained and need no planning permission whilst also passing every building standard and fire-regulation needed in office buildings.

Why are Soundproof Pods so important?

Soundproof Pods, phone booths and meeting pods have now found a new use within the modern office environment. They provide single person privacy booths giving privacy for personal calls, telephone interviews, a private place to work or to carry out one-to-one video conference or Skype calls.

Introducing office phone booths into the workplace solves many problems associated with staff leaving the office to make calls or using larger meeting rooms for privacy, thus wasting meeting room space where it might better suited for larger groups who need the space.

Aprés Furniture provide an extensive range of privacy office booths for office suited to solving various problems where staff might need that little space to find shelter in for a few minutes. Office phone booths are perfect in that they are un-fixed and can be easily moved to any place within the office by the facilities management.

Can you hear Fire Alarms in our Pods?

In all of our pods you can hear a standard commercial fire alarm whilst inside an acoustic office pod, however there is no separate fire alarm option that can be specified for any of our pods. Please note, all our pods meet the fire-regulations specified by building regulations in the UK.

Why should I come to Apres Furniture vs other manufacturers?

At Apres Furniture, we have over 30 years of experience installing soundproof pods for all types of businesses and offices. We have many satisfied clients since the first indoor office pod installation we carried out many years ago, to the new pods designed for privacy and office noise reduction. We make sure our clients are involved throughout the process and we advise, plan and install all types of acoustic booths and meeting pod solutions throughout the UK and Europe.

We can guide you through the selection process, starting with choosing the right type of pod for your business, based on your office space, floorplan, employees and your needs regarding function and flexibility. All our installations will adhere to your building’s regulations.