Office Work Pods

What variations of Office Work Pods are available?

Acoustic Work Pods for offices are becoming more popular as they provide personal enclosed workstations equipped which are equipped with everything a user would need for work-related tasks. Our bespoke office work pods are available in two different standard sizes either solo work pods or dual units that provide additional space for two users to work side-by-side comfortably.

Why your office needs an Acoustic Work Pod?

Office work pods are rapidly becoming essential office products in the modern open-plan office. These office hubs offer slightly bigger cabins so more space than an office phone booth, giving the user a better experience at a fixed desk or standing height desk for focused work or private calls. Additionally, office work pods keep users connected and devices charged with plug sockets, USB charging ports and data sockets if needed.

As businesses across the globe rely on video conference software such as Zoom, Teams and Skype as a way of communicating, the need for enclosed pods such as work pods for offices will increase- as the need for a secluded, private space would become greater.

Are our Soundproof Work Pods portable?

Our office work pods or work booths are not fixed solutions but are rather portable room-in-room solutions that can be easily transported to wherever they are needed most. Some of our focused work pods even offer castors or wheels that further aid mobility. Although some of our office pods are so large, they have to be dismantled first- for example, the Spacio Work Pod.

What features do Work Pods offer?

The interior of our work pods for offices includes many advanced features and uses and intelligent design to create the perfect focused workspace. For example, our executive work pods feature advanced acoustic insulation, intelligent ventilation, high-quality soft materials, LED lighting and optional design and furniture options to make your working experience unique to you and allow you to be the most focused.

What uses do our Focus Pods have?

Our collection of versatile work pods allows you to not just productively work, but you could also use our high-quality lounge pods as an informal private collaboration/meeting space or informal flexible space thanks to its advanced features and design. Our acoustic office work pods have an incredibly wide range of uses.

How much is a good quality Bespoke Work Pod?

Office work pods vary greatly in price depending on many factors including size, selected options, finishes and intricacy of design. Typically you should be prepared to spend between £2,500 to £5,000+. However, you should not be put off by the price of these acoustic work pods as the benefits are guaranteed to outweigh the costs. It’s important to note that we will beat any existing quote on the exact same spec work pod, speak directly to our UK Sales team on +44(0)20 7721 7914 for the best price today.

Can you charge your phone in our Acoustic Work Pods?

The vast majority of our bespoke work pods offer power sockets that you can charge your phone with and some of our premium office work pods even offer data services to aid you with your phone’s function.

Why buy your Acoustic Work Pods from Apres Furniture?

At Après Furniture, we have over 30 years of experience installing office work pods for all types of businesses and offices. We have relationships with the top Office Pod manufacturers worldwide and boast one of the largest collections of office pods, meeting pods, two person meeting pods, phone booths, work pods, work booths, Campers And Dens, lounge pods, garden pods and hybrid workspaces in the UK and Europe.

We have many satisfied clients since the first indoor office pod installation we carried out over a decade ago, to the new office pods designed for privacy and office noise reduction. We make sure our clients are involved throughout the process and we advise, plan and install any acoustic phone booth, acoustic pod or hybrid work pod solutions throughout the UK and Europe.

We can guide you through the selection process, starting with choosing the right type of pod for your business, based on your office space, floorplan, employees and your needs regarding function and flexibility. All our installations will adhere to your building’s regulations.