Corporate office design services

At Après, we understand that creating the right working environment can make a big difference to your corporate image – potentially transforming how employees, suppliers and customers view and work in your company. Use our knowledge and expertise to refurbish, design and build the office environment that suits your brand and people.

We pride ourselves on our professional yet informal approach to business. We believe that we have become successful by taking the trouble to really understand our customers and their businesses. In fact, we see this as an integral part of developing the ideal office interior.

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Space planning

Whether you’re planning to re-organise your existing space or undertaking an office move, space planning is the key to developing an effective, spacious and attractive workplace. Our highly experienced team is here to solve all your office accommodation challenges.

We consider your move from every angle – from your growth plans and operational needs, to legal requirements and IT infrastructure.

Office relocation services

While a myriad of reasons, like growth, a move closer to a target audience or a lease expiry, can lead a company to relocate its offices, the political climate in the UK and EU has come to be a deciding factor in determining the future success of many a business.

With the full extent of Brexit and its impact on legislation becoming clearer, companies now need to think of ways to best protect their assets and business operations.

In many instances, the best way in which to do this is a company relocation to Europe. Large corporations are leading the way into Europe and setting up store in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Frankfurt.

Office Relocation Services

Acoustic consultancy

Why are acoustics important? Every day we are surrounded by sound, in offices, meeting rooms reception areas, schools, or universities. Talking, ringtones, general scraping noises, background music, and even the echoes of foot-steps, all of this can cause a poor acoustic environment.

Within the office environment, the acoustic design of the room can affect the staff health and productivity, causing stress, fatigue and low productivity. Today, as more flexible working practices have emerged, the modern workplace is commonly an open plan area. Yet despite all of their advantages these spaces can suffer greatly from the distraction of noise.

Acoustic Wall

Solving the problem of noise

The two most common solutions to provide the very best acoustic environment are either by absorbing sound or blocking it.

Acoustic absorption is provided by a wide range of different products, including acoustic ceilings, wall absorbers, absorbing acoustic screens, floor coverings and by seating products, booths, panels and even modular office pods. All these items absorb much of the sound that hits them, reducing reverberation and ambient noise and improving speech intelligibility – making for a better and more productive office environment.

Blocking can be achieved through the installation of acoustic screens between workstations, which can also absorb sound at the same time.

Noisy Office

Installation and removals

We believe the office environment is very important as we spend as much time there as at home. We take into consideration comfort, efficiency, communication within each department and between each department, productivity and effectiveness of the layout:

1. Comfort – We can ensure that desks are adjustable or suited to the department and tasks that will take place, whether it will be sitting, standing, spending long periods of time in front of the computer or on the phone. We can also recommend the right ergonomic solutions to the tasks

2. Efficiency – Through the planning of the office layout we can help place work teams in close proximity of other teams they need to interact with frequently and office equipment they use often, therefore optimising the use of your space.

3. Communication – Positioning each department strategically for optimum effectiveness in communicating internally with colleagues or customers.

4. Productivity – Designing the office layout to suit the process, tasks and requirements of the environment.

Office furniture leasing

Do you want to refurbish your office but feel like this will leave you without a budget? Après Furniture is here to help you spread the costs over a longer time. No matter if you are looking for office, hotel, or home furniture, or if you work for a small or large company, just choose your preferred products or send us your plans. After that, together with our financial partner, we’ll make a budget plan and send you the furniture.

For more information contact us on 020 7721 7914 or send us an email at [email protected].

Move Management

Our team will take care to listen to your needs and come up with a relocation plan that is tailored to ensure a smooth transition and timeous start to your new venture.

Because of our long history of working with European furniture manufacturers, we have all the tools to help you meet the stringent standards required by the EU.

We specialise in:
– Office Relocation Service,
– London Office Removal,
– Furniture procurement and
– Space planning

How we can help you

At Apres, we have over 25 years of experience and are experts in Office Relocation Services. With working relationships in most big European cities, and contacts in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Frankfurt, our partnerships with all the major furniture manufacturers, means that we are uniquely positioned to assist companies with office removal while ensuring an office relocation that causes the least amount of disruption to daily work.

Based in the UK, we can meet with you to discuss your specific office relocation service requirements and advise on furniture procurement, space planning and how to best future-proof your new offices.

Our acoustic team

Our highly knowledgeable and creative team is able to create an acoustically optimised work environment for your business. You’ll find a wide range of sound absorbing furniture products specifically designed to absorb sound in highly reverberant open plan offices on Apres Furniture. Better still, call us now to discuss your specific needs.

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