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The Prime pod is a standalone haven of silence ready for use without any burdensome installation or renovation. It combines our iconic visual aesthetic with a unique ventilation system, high-end acoustic materials, sophisticated details and practical design.

MICROOFFICE is an ode to minimalism in the shape of an independent workspace. It is the bridge between the two halves of its environment, creating a private and peaceful inner world in the center of the chaos around it. These two realms are linked through vision, energy, light and sensation. The MICROOFFICE design approach is one of duality, an act of balance between fundamental principles – body and space, transparent and unobtrusive, unyielding yet soft, intimate yet open. The interior space is ensconced on all sides by a solid shell. The resulting object is opaque from one point of view, a tangible barrier dividing two worlds. From another perspective, it is nearly invisible as it merges with its surroundings. The glass ceilings of the UNIQ and larger QUADRIO models bathe the occupant in soothing natural light. We’ve selected the materials used to create MICROOFFICE with great care. As a result, the serene design reflects both the simplicity and power contained within our concept.

We like peace and quiet when we work. That’s why we started SilentLab, where we create quiet and send it wherever it’s needed the most. Our original office acoustical solutions carve out oases of calm and privacy even in the noisiest interior environments. Open offices are more popular than ever, but along with greater interaction comes overwhelming noise. Thanks to our team of acoustics experts, we enable companies to provide employees with the distraction-free workspaces they need to perform and collaborate at optimal levels. Our unique mobile soundproof offices, acoustical wall panels, ceiling hangings and other sound-reduction accessories are all made at our in-house production facilities in the Czech Republic. Our holistic approach to sustainable sound empowers us to create complete acoustic solutions. We can also work with you to devise highly customized solutions precisely tailored to your needs. Visual appeal is as important to us as top-tier performance, which is why all our products combine unique designs with maximum functionality.


MICROOFFICE is an answer to the basic question of acoustic comfort. Layers of solid wood and acoustic materials, along with sound-insulating glass, a sonically sealed door and a silent ventilation system, make for maximum soundproofing between the interior and exterior spaces. The extensive surface area provides optimal distribution of acoustic materials, leading to the creation of a quiet, pleasant interior environment. The entire structure has been calibrated to counter the specific frequencies of the human voice, making it an ideal setting for phone or conference calls.


Based on the above principles, the concept and features mesh in perfect harmony. On two sides, solid facades protect the user from the most persistent sources of noise. The reassuring back wall evokes a feeling of security, while the opaque front eliminates visual distractions. The other faces are made entirely of sound-insulating glass. The solid walls protruding above the ceiling create the unmistakably iconic “U” shape of the MICROOFFICE UNIQ.


Central to the MICROOFFICE experience is its cutting-edge ventilation system. Exclusive to our product family, this completely new innovation promises untold levels of comfort. With ultra-efficient ventilation supplying a constant stream of fresh air, users can enjoy the distraction-free solitude of our revolutionary workspaces for hours on end. Each MICROOFFICE unit comes fully equipped with everything needed to perform at optimal levels. Electrical sockets, USB and LAN connections and an LED light are standard across the entire product line.


Our choice of materials reflects our commitment to the dual principles of MICROOFFICE. As such, we’ve upholstered the entire solid shell, while the transparent glass insulates against sound on both sides. Horizontal divisions across the upholstered surfaces connote scale, while hand-crafted details around the border of each piece add subtle elegance. The entire structure is inspired by the ideal ergonomic height for a table or bar stools. Design accents and interior accessories are carved from solid oak.

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