Office Dividers And Screens

What Are Acoustic Screens?

Acoustic Screens provide temporary barriers in open office areas to give privacy or assist in the absorption of surrounding noises. Office screening or partioning screens are designed to absorb and reduce noise pollution in your open plan spaces. Our range of soundproof office dividers come in a wide range of various materials and designs to suit all requirements. We can assist you in finding the right office partition screens to provide you the best office privacy whatever the scope.

Modern offices or more general office spaces can greatly benefit from free standing divider screens as many small businesses or big corporates alike struggle to provide employees with modular meeting spaces. This has seen an increase in free standing office dividers, desk screens and room dividers to create a more acoustic office environment.

Apres Furniture are the best provider for all acoustic office options and should you have any questions please contact one of our furniture consultants.

Will Acoustic Panels Resolve The Noise Issue?

The two most common solutions to provide the very best acoustic environment are either by absorbing sound or blocking it.

Acoustic absorption is provided by a wide range of different products, including acoustic ceilings, wall absorbers, absorbing acoustic screens, floor coverings and by seating products, booths, panels and even modular office pods. All these items absorb much of the sound that hits them, reducing reverberation and ambient noise and improving speech intelligibility – making for a better and more productive office environment.

Blocking can be achieved through the installation of acoustic screens between workstations, which can also absorb sound at the same time.