Office Meeting Pods

Why does your office need Meeting Pods?

Acoustic soundproof pods provide a cost-effective room-in-room solution compared to traditionally constructed spaces. Additionally, these meeting pods for offices do not require planning permission as they are floor-standing. Therefore, they also provide organisations who are in lease agreements, listed buildings or new builds with a better meeting room solution being either a freestanding meeting room solution or glass offices.

Acoustic meeting pods provide additional informal and formal spaces that help stop individuals or small teams from occupying meeting rooms and keeping them free. They also help staff escape distracting ambient noise in the office, all without leaving the office.

What is an Soundproof Meeting Pod like inside?

Acoustic office meeting pods are comfortable, quiet, secluded spaces that fully support employees working needs, giving them that much-needed free space for almost any task.

What variations are Acoustic Meeting Pods are available?

Available in a very wide range of sizes, configurations and finishes finding the perfect office pod solution couldn’t be made any simpler. At Après Furniture we offer a comprehensive selection of standard private meeting room pods and modular screen partitioning units, which allow you to create the ideal space that can easily adapt to modern workplace needs.

What uses does a Custom Meeting Pod have?

Office pods are suitable for focused work, brainstorming for small groups or a freestanding extra meeting room or acoustic executive office – the options are almost limitless.

What options are available for our bespoke Meeting Pods?

All our internal office pods offer quiet, serene spaces that are customisable, allowing you to specify the finishes and trim to synergise perfectly with your interior. You can decide on glass office pods or fabric meeting pods. You can also choose to have them unfurnished, or Après Furniture can provide the exact meeting room pod furniture you need to finish ‘room within a room’ exactly as you desire.

What are the different types of Acoustic Office Meeting Pods available?

There are two types of acoustic office pods – modular acoustic pods and standard freestanding units. Modular office pods generally refer to office pod solutions comprised of aluminium frames, glass and fabric panels that piece together to form an enclosed space for meetings. Meeting room pods also usually have a screen partition made using aluminium frames, upholstered panels and glazed panels like the Cell Pod which provides greater flexibility for your office.

Systems like Cell Pod are designed as freestanding units, and their structural framework and demountable panel system are simple to install and reconfigure so it can keep up with the rapidly changing needs of an organisation. There are no pre-set modules or sizes in the Cell Pod range, and their selling point is that they can provide the perfect enclosed private meeting space, fully compliant with all workplace and building regulations and are exactly tailored to your business needs.

Are our high-quality Office Meeting Pods agile (movable)?

All office pods are movable. Supplied as unfixed room-in-room solutions they don’t require planning permission and also have no dilapidation costs. As all office pods are movable, the real question is how mobile is an office pod? There are a few office pods that can be moved around the office without being dismantled. Although, depending on their size and design some have to be moved by pallet trucks, alternatively some feature integrated castors, better known as wheels. Movable office pods or mobile office pods are not limited by size, ranging between the small size of a phone booth and the largest size being a four-person office pod.

Are Office Meeting Pods only for meeting spaces?

Meeting Pods provide enclosed sound controlled meeting spaces, office and breakout spaces, isolating the occupants from the external office environment. Soundproof Pods are great for creating effective private third-place meeting spaces. They are mobile, cost effective and can be set up anywhere within the open office, to create a quiet area. Our Pods are sound absorbing to an extent depending on the specification giving the users speech privacy. Après supply screen based pods in a range of models and specification that are sure to meet your office requirements.

All our office pods come standard with integrated lighting, power and data points which make these acoustic pods more welcoming to be used as either private work areas, brain storming rooms or meeting rooms. If required, the mobile pods can be fitted with audio and visual equipment.

Our range of corporate meeting pod solutions are made to order. We can supply standard pod sizes or tailor your acoustic pods to your exact requirements from the height, width, radius including the finish. Our acoustic meeting pod collection offer you a large range of fabric finishes and frame colours to choose from, glazing and laminates. You can also add additional accessories like white boards and furniture to your pod spaces.

If you are struggling with acoustic properties in your open plan space pursue one of our acoustic office screens to see if they will provide a temporary solution to your problem in your open plan office.

Transform your open plan office space with a meeting office pod. Contact us today for more information and your personalised quotation.

Why buy your Office Meeting Pods from Après Furniture?

At Après Furniture, we have over 30 years of experience installing office meeting pods for all types of businesses and offices. We have relationships with the top Office Pod manufacturers worldwide and boast one of the largest collections of office pods, meeting pods, two person meeting pods, phone booths, work pods, work booths, Campers And Dens, lounge pods, garden pods and hybrid workspaces in the UK and Europe.