SE Cube Max Meeting Pod

The se:cube max is so good that it can be positioned in the middle of an office.


The sophisticated room-in-room system se:cube max complements the se:cube product family and offers large retreats for meetings, workshops and video conferences. The self-sufficient se:cube max can also be used as a single or double office in open-space landscapes. The base-free room-in-room system is not connected to the building structure and can, therefore, also be placed on surfaces with integrated floor heating.

Different versions and sizes are available for the se:cube max. The door side is always fully glazed. In addition, one or two other sides can be glazed.

Technical wall:
At least one wall is always designed as a closed technical wall. It is the core of the se:cube max and contains the ventilation unit as well as all necessary connections for the room’s power supply.

Structure of the technical wall
Air outlet for exhaust air (in the ceiling)
Fabric-covered or PET felt-covered panels on the technical wall improve room acoustics
Presence detector
As an option, it is possible to use a whiteboard in the middle section
Technical panel:
hides cables and power supply
connections: 2× power, 1× USB charger
monitor mounting option (standing or sitting height)
Concealed fan and sound-insulated exhaust air ducts inside the technical wall
Air inlet for stale air from the interior and inspection flap for replacing the air filter

Good acoustics for every place
The sound insulation of the se:cube max is so good that the room-in-room system can be positioned in the middle of an office without neighbouring areas interfering with each other in terms of acoustics. se:cube max uses ceiling and wall absorbers specifically made for this purpose. The following factors also influence the room acoustics of the se:cube max: flooring, number of glazed or closed walls, interior design.

se:cube max is a closed-off room with acoustically effective components which interrupt the propagation of sound and improve speech intelligibility inside. The sound level reduction is 29 dB(A)*. Disturbing noises from the outside are not eliminated completely, however, they are significantly reduced.

*according to DIN EN ISO 11957 (2010)

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