Plenty Pod

Plenty pod are perfect for undisturbed meetings and calls.

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When you need a quiet room for an undisturbed meeting, working or an important phone call Plenty Pod is the solution. Plenty Pod is a series of mobile, quiet rooms. They are especially suited for noisy areas such as open-plan offices and public spaces.

NEW! Complement your Plenty Pod with NEC video conferencing system – including a complete solution of monitor screen, speakers, camcorder and Ochno control, which means smart phone control of lighting and fans inside the Plenty Pod.

With Plenty Pod, you don’t have to rush out from the reading room to answer the phone. Plenty Pod not only offers silence on the inside. It is also a shield, that dampens sound on the outside.

Plenty Pod is available in three different sizes, that can be customized after your specific needs and wishes.

Privacy and quietness make us more creative, motivated and focused. For that reason, we have developed Plenty Pod.

Make phone calls in lobbies and waiting rooms, without disturbing others.

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