Large Plenty Pod

The Plenty Pod is a series of flexible rooms designed to satisfy the need for privacy and quietness.


When you need a quiet room for an undisturbed meeting, working or an important phone call Plenty Pod is the solution. Plenty Pod is a series of mobile, quite rooms. They are especially suited for noisy areas such as open-plan offices and public spaces. Make phone calls in lobbies and waiting rooms, without disturbing others.

Plenty Pod is a series of flexible rooms designed to satisfy the need for privacy and quietness. Designed for several persons, to be used as a meeting room or an office with several work stations.

With Plenty Pod, you don’t have to rush out from the reading room to answer the phone. Plenty Pod not only offers silence on the inside. It is also a shield, that dampens sound on the outside. The Plenty Pod Large dimensions are as follows: (wxhxd mm) 2215x2215x2315.

Plenty Pod also comes in a fixed version without floor. It’s a fixed version placed directly on existing floor. Height of this version is 2200 mm. If you’re looking for something smaller please see the Plenty Pod Small which is ideal for one person and the Plenty Pod Medium which can be used as a workstation.

Choose upholstered walls to further reduce the level of noise. Customised to complement your design concept. Mind the detail. Plenty Pod’s solutions for ventilation, lighting, and electricity are carefully developed to be as discreet and functional as possible.

Accessories included with the Plenty Pod:


    • n

    • Table top inside Plenty Pod


    • Standard in Small


    • Optional in Medium andLarge Ventilation and


    • LED lighting Electrical socket


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