Office Phone Booths

Why should I invest in a soundproof phone booth?

A phone booth or phone pod is a furniture solution designed for the modern office to provide the office worker with an easily accessible, enclosed space for important or confidential phone calls, conference calls and focused work. It’s a free working space solution for staff who struggle to work in the standard open-plan office and who face increasing challenges in finding a quiet place to have phone conversations or work undisturbed.

Are acoustic phone booths essential in the modern office?

With the advances in technology and the office environment, a privacy phone booth in offices has been presented as an acoustic phone booth solution to escape ambient noise and improve user experience- an ever more needed feeling in modern offices.

These free-standing office phone booths for open-plan offices provide a quiet free space for private phone calls, video conference calls or to work undisturbed. Single Person office phone pod solutions provide staff with a quick escape located next to or near their primary area of work in the open-plan office. Positioning office phone booths within proximity help reduce call answer delay while providing staff with free space and soundproofed phone booths.

What features are available?

The enclosed pods, feature sound-absorbing properties with the latest technology and accessories for a comfortable escape to work. They answer the need for free spaces that seamlessly merge the physical world and the digital world. Equipped with power sockets, USB A+C charging ports, and data ports keep the user connected by keeping their their mobile devices charged. Additional accessories such as whiteboards, cork pinboards, and Bluetooth speakers can also be added as an optional extra. For a pleasant experience, the office phone booths have integrated lighting and an active ventilation system for air circulation which is turned by the booth’s motion sensor.

Do commercial phone booths match your business’s needs?

An alternative to the standard enclosed commercial phone booth is the open phone booth. Open on one side for entry, three screen walls on all the other sides with acoustic properties protect the user from distracting sounds, which are all lined and upholstered with sound-absorbing material. The open phone booth protects the user with high side panels and sometimes a canopy depending on the model and how few visual distractions and sounds you want to have. The non-enclosed office phone booths are also more cost-effective than the closed office phone booths as they do not come with all the features.

Additionally, if that’s not for you, then there are wall booths or acoustic phone booths that fix onto the wall and offer temporary protection from ambient noise. Ideal for areas like office walk-ways or large busy reception areas where there is a lot of noise. Phone hoods provide users with an effective functional call space offering a shelf unit and pen holder to allow the user to take notes or memos.

How phone pods can help your sales team?

The office environment can be chaotic sometimes, especially for the employees who work by attending calls with clients. The noise can cause a hindrance to the call, and the employee might not be able to understand what the client is saying.

To avoid such issues, having a quiet phone booth works like a wonder and helps both the employee and the client to understand each other. Moreover, a peaceful call helps to create a good and professional impression on the client as well.

How do they help with office distractions?

In an open space office plan, the biggest problem is the distractions. People are moving around, talking to each other, and phones are ringing all the time; all these issues might sound negligible, but they can cause significant distractions for employees who wish to focus on work.

Thus, in this situation, installing soundproof phone booths is what a workplace needs. These phone booths will allow the employees to escape from all the distractions and work in peace. They can work on their upcoming plans, have a phone meeting with a client, or discuss essential work matters with a co-worker without any kind of noise.

Do you need valuable block time for your employees?

While working a full-time job, sometimes it can be too exhausting, and employees need to have a few minutes for themselves when they can just have some alone time and relax for a while. However, if you are working in an open space office plan, this might be near impossible. With being surrounded by other employees all the time, one can only wish for some private alone time.

Do phone booths in London have good ventilation?

It’s essential to have a high-quality efficient ventilation system on any office phone booth or office pod. When researching the best office booths for your working environment, it’s important to remember a cost-effective booth isn’t necessarily a good idea. Cheap phone booths often come fitted with a basic fan unit, which means it delivers a constant and un-adjustable flow of air from inside the office.

Having a booth solution with a basic fan unit means the same room temperature air is fed into the booth during the occupation. Combined with the user’s body heat and the heat generated by the light source could make the cabin uncomfortable if used for extended periods. Booths with ceiling-mounted packaged cooling systems might be a better solution that you won’t regret.

Are your pods bespoke?

Acoustic phone booths provide an isolated space using acoustic properties to help free up meeting rooms

  • Office booths contribute to employee wellbeing and reduce employee downtime
  • There is no dilapidation cost at the end of the lease period
  • They should be seen as an investment item as they reduce the time and cost when relocating
  • There is less if any Landlord interface and approvals with office booth solutions.

These single-user acoustic phone booths are sound absorbing so provide staff with a quick escape located near their primary area of work- able to be done due to it being an easily mobile phone booth. Positioning these acoustic office booths within close proximity of staff helps reduce call-answer delay while providing staff with a more easily accessible free space soundproof booth.

Also, office phone booths help reduce the number of employees using larger meeting rooms for a bit of privacy. Available in a wide range of designs and styles, Après Furniture also features acoustic booths with built-in features to help users work in privacy while staying connected.

What furniture is available?

Some booths like the Hush and On the Qt Phone Booth offer seating like a stool or in-built soft seating. The Hush also provides an optional, centrally located height-adjustable stool that would come fixed to the floor. Having a seat could be restrictive as it doesn’t give you enough room around the stool to stand and it is also immobile.

The QT Phone Booth comes as two booths, a shorter seated version or a taller standing version without seating, but the aforementioned freestanding stool can be added. The Short Qt Phone booth with built-in soft seating also offers a seated phone booth solution aimed at the majority of office workers that would use the booth for a long period of time. If you need assistance in choosing the best office phone booth for your modern office, give Après Furniture a call.

Why buy your pods from Après Furniture?

At Après Furniture, we have over 30 years of experience installing office phone booths for all types of businesses and offices. We have relationships with the top Office Pod manufacturers worldwide and boast one of the largest collections of office pods.

We have many satisfied clients since the first indoor office pod installation we carried out over a decade ago, to the new office pods designed for privacy and office noise reduction. We make sure our clients are involved throughout the process and we advise, plan and install any acoustic phone booth, acoustic pod or hybrid work pod solutions throughout the UK and Europe.

We can guide you through the selection process, starting with choosing the right type of pod for your business, based on your office space, floorplan, employees and your needs regarding function and flexibility. All our installations will adhere to your building’s regulations.