Why Your Office Needs Phone Booths

Would you want to work in an office where you had to deal with the constant office chaos: noisy co-workers, conversations amongst colleagues, arguments with the boss, etc.?
We’re assuming not; concentrating on the task at hand can be very difficult in an environment where your thoughts are occluded by persistent, overwhelming noise.

The modern-day workplace tends to have an open layout. While this has its benefits, the critical issue of being unable to work in a noisy environment tends to loom bigger.

Here are a few reasons why your office must have phone booths.


Enhances Employee Focus, Productivity, and Efficiency

In an open workplace, sitting down quietly and concentrating on a task at hand in an area meant for concentration can be challenging. Provision of a quiet, peaceful place for work has proven to enhance employee focus, hence productivity and efficiency.

Our PhoneSpace Phone Booth is an acoustic privacy phone booth that may be used for phone calls, phone interviews, conference calls, or simply as a quiet place to work. It redefines quiet; no matter the background noise levels, the booth’s ultimate sound absorption offers a functioning private workstation for all kinds of tasks.


Privacy and Seclusion

Having a quiet, confidential, and private area is crucial in an open-plan office. There are several reasons why your staff members might demand some solitude and seclusion; they could have to make a private phone conversation or work on something that demands a lot of concentration and focus.

The Hush Phone Booth, which is modular in design, provides a comfortable, hygienic, and private space for attending or making phone conversations, escaping the typical office chaos and working in privacy and seclusion.


Restoration of Mental and Physical Well-Being of the Workers

Securing alone time is difficult in any normal open-plan workstation. A little period of tranquillity is essential to ensure that your staff remains productive. Escape from the chaotic office environment where workers can recollect their thoughts, boost productivity levels and employees’ mental well-being.

Moreover, our phone booths also ensure your employees’ physical health: The CleanSpace Phone Booth is a highly rated acoustic phone booth that allows employees to take and make calls or work comfortably. The booth is equipped with ISO-7 certified clean-air technology, allowing employees to maximize their potential by removing distractions and offering relief from allergies caused by dust and mould. A smart ventilation system decreases bacteria and particle levels in the air and surface areas by up to 99.9%.



Our collection of phone booths promises to ensure your employees’ ease whilst adding uniqueness and taste to your workplace. At Apres, we take pride in our furniture being both functional and stylish. Check out the expansive collection of beautiful and unique office furniture on our website and see what fits your office space.