Top Uses Of Modern Office Pods

If you have been following the development of modern open-floor plan offices, you must have seen contemporary organizations actively install office pods within their workplace. The modern office pods are now an essential piece of furniture for any workplace.


In addition, it is not only about the furniture trend but also about its usefulness. These modern office pods are designed to serve specific purposes that could ease work management and increase productivity in the workplace.


Here we have the top 2 uses of modern office pods based on the variations of their sizes.


Individual Private Working Space

When working in an open-floor plan office, individuals often face problems such as distractions and lack of privacy. They have to perform a few tasks that require a private and distraction-free space, for example, going on a call with a client. To serve this purpose, you can install one-person modern office pods where your employees can take care of such tasks.


Discussions Without Distractions

Other than the single-person pods, the modern office pods also come in variations to accommodate two-persons, four-persons, and eight-persons. These variations help you get a private space where your employees could have one-on-one discussions or private meetings without getting distracted from the office environment or vice versa.


Top 3 Best Modern Office Pods

You can find a wide range of modern office pods at Apres Furniture as per your requirements. Here are the top three we believe would serve you best.


Telephonic Cube

The Telephonic cube is a one-person acoustic office pod, or you could call it a phone booth. This one is specially designed to serve the purpose of privacy and peace for individuals when they have to conduct a telephonic conversation or have to get done with a time-sensitive task requiring full concentration.


Railway Carriage Pods

As the name suggests, this one is inspired by a railway carriage design. It serves the purpose of holding one-on-one meetings or performing combined tasks without being distracted from the environment of open-floor-plan offices. The railway carriage pods are ideal for all types of workspaces and have comfortable seating, soundproof walls, and a sleek design.


Aspect Mini Pods

This mini working space helps the employees to work on time-sensitive and critical tasks without facing any distractions from their colleagues. The Aspect Mini pod serves the purpose of privacy that an employee needs to achieve maximum productivity. It could also serve as an escape zone where employees require a peaceful area to perform their tasks.



Having office pods today is a necessity for almost all types of modern workplaces, and the management needs to understand that specific tasks and situations require privacy and fewer distractions. Hence, the employees need to have an option where they could go around to perform such actions.


Take a look today at Apres Furniture’s wide collection of modern office pods, and contact us now to place your order. We can even make a customized pod for you based on your requirements!