All About Soundproof Meeting Pods

Having to focus on a task that requires your complete attention amidst the usual office chaos sounds like an absolute nightmare. Open layout offices have numerous benefits, but they tend to impose the problem of dealing with overwhelming noise. This is why every modern office needs to invest in soundproof meeting pods.

Soundproof office booths are enclosed areas that provide privacy and eliminate noise. They can serve as dedicated workspaces or for a work-from-home office setup. These areas can be useful for accepting phone or conference calls and providing a stress-free zone where you can concentrate on your job.

Here at Apres, we have a collection of the most practical and beautiful soundproof meeting pods that will make working in an open layout office comfortable for you while elevating your office aesthetic with their stunning designs.

Let us talk about what makes these pods so special and unique.


The Acoustics

In simple words, acoustics is the science concerned with sound production, transmission, control, reception, and sound effects. Our one-of-a-kind soundproof meeting pods provide the answer to the fundamental question of acoustic comfort. Layers of solid wood and acoustic materials, as well as sound-insulating glass, a sonically sealed door, and a quiet ventilation system, provide optimal soundproofing between internal and outdoor spaces.

The large surface area allows for the ideal dispersion of acoustic elements, resulting in a peaceful, pleasant indoor atmosphere. The entire pod is adjusted to oppose certain frequencies of the human voice, making it the perfect area for phone or conference conversations that require the utmost silence and peace.


The Brilliant Technology

The cutting-edge ventilation technology is crucial to our silent pod experience. This entirely new invention, exclusive to our product line, guarantees unrivalled comfort levels. Users may enjoy the distraction-free seclusion of our innovative workstations for hours on end, thanks to ultra-efficient ventilation giving a steady stream of fresh air.

Each soundproof pod provides everything required to function at peak levels. Electrical plugs, USB and LAN ports, and an LED light are provided as part of these pods.


The Excellent Quality Material

Our material selection speaks for our dedication to the dual principles of our soundproof meeting pods. To ensure maximum soundproofing, we have upholstered the complete solid shell, while the transparent glass on both sides insulates against sound.

Hand-crafted accents around the border of each item provide subtle refinement, while horizontal divides across the cushioned surfaces connote size. Solid oak is used to carve design elements and interior decorations in the pod, giving it a refined, polished look that promises to add taste to your office space. You can take a look at any of our products including our Spacio Grand Meeting Pods.


Acoustics Curtains for More Privacy

We also provide the option of creating extra seclusion and further improving the acoustics of your pod with our sheer or opaque curtains made of acoustic textiles. You may choose from a variety of styles and colours to get the ideal design for your pod.


Key Takeaway On Soundproof Meeting Pods!

At Apres, we don’t just offer you functional furniture; we also promise to enhance your office look with our stunning design and elegance. Peruse the vast collection of stylish yet practical office furniture on our website to find something that best fits your office space.