Here Is Why Soundproof Meeting Pods Are Ideal For Your Meetings

When it comes to conducting meetings, what’s your biggest concern? As per common findings, many workplace managers and executives have concerns related to confidentiality. They want their meetings to be confidential, and the subject of the meeting must stay within the four walls. However, with usual meeting rooms, there’s always a risk factor included as to whether the privacy of the meeting would be maintained or not. A simple solution to this problem is to get soundproof meeting pods.

Here we have gathered for you reasons why soundproof meeting pods are ideal for your meetings.


Top 3 Reasons Why Soundproof Meeting Pods Are Ideal for Meetings


Maintain Confidentiality

With soundproof meeting pods, you will not have to worry about your discussion being heard outside the pod. You can have confidential meetings with your clients or discuss confidential business numbers with your executives and managers, and all information would stay within the pod.


No Distractions

When conducting meetings, a peaceful and distraction-free environment is often required to achieve better results. With the noise on the floor and distractions from the outside, doing so gets challenging to achieve but not anymore with soundproof meeting pods. These acoustic pods guarantee that no outside noise enters the room, and you get to hold a distraction-free meeting.


Privacy Guaranteed

As we have already mentioned that the soundproof meeting pods make sure that there is no distraction and can help you with confidentiality; they, in addition, also guarantee privacy. You can hold meetings with your employees, clients, or your managers, and that too in a completely private setup.


Top 3 Best Soundproof Meeting Pods

When it comes to providing soundproof meeting pods, Apres Furniture prides itself on offering a wide range of soundproof pods. While the element of being soundproof is common in all of them, they all differ in features.

Here are the top 3 soundproof meeting pods you can find at Apres Furniture.



If you want to have the best, you must get the MICROOFFICE QUADRIO Pod. This soundproof meeting pod can accommodate up to eight people and has a sleek exterior and a modern interior. It has every element an ideal meeting room needs, from soundproof walls to organized seating to perfect lighting.


Hush Lounge Pod

This soundproof acoustic pod is suitable for four people and provides you with a safe space to conduct meetings, work sessions, interviews, etc. It uses a semi-open model that allows a hybrid option for open and closed settings.


Hako Acoustic Meeting Pod

Inspired by Japanese industrial architecture, the Hako acoustic pods are ideal for your everyday office meetings. It comes with a perfect ventilation system, lighting, cable management, etc. There’s also a special feature that makes it even better. The bottom part is portable and could be removed so that if your office has individuals with special needs, it can accommodate them pretty well.



The soundproof meeting pods can help you to conduct distraction-free private meetings. These are simple, portable, and practical solutions to your meeting needs. At Apres Furniture, we provide a wide range of soundproof meeting pods, and we are sure you can find the one you would like. Take a look now and contact us for bespoke solutions.