Relax In Spacestores Snugglestor System

No two offices are alike. And no two offices have the same storage requirements. Luckily Snugglestor system wall storage is a bespoke office storage solution made to measure to fit your space.


With over thirty years of experience in the UK market Spacestormanufacturer of Snugglestor, specialises in the design and production of innovative, creative, and superbly functional modular storagewall systems and they’re green. Spacestor’s policy is to seek and implement change in order to ensure a continuing reduction of CO2 emissions, waste, and depletion of the planet’s natural resources. They operate on a strict policy where only FSC or PEFC certified materials, including ‘farmed forest’ veneers from countries operating an ecological resource management policy, are used in the production of their designs.snugglestor-storage-04

Snugglestor is part storage wall, part breakout area with a hint of acoustic privacy space. The system gives you the freedom to specify and configure its size, integrated soft seating and storage compartments. Snugglestor creates feel-good zones within the open plan office, motivating staff or providing them a calm thinking space that drives their creativity. You can decide to have a free-standing Snugglestor storage wall unit or one that is fitted along a wall space. Adding this into your office injects some life as an inspirational retreat or informal meet and greet point whilst dealing with the storage challenges that agile working brings.

Fully customisable and relocatable, it can be inserted into any run of storage. Personalise your unit in a range of available finishes to add to your corporate identity.