Why Every Office Needs To Use Desk Screen Dividers

The open-plan office is a welcoming, productive and inspiring workplace. But sometimes there is the need to create separate working areas and this can be somewhat problematic. One way to achieve this is with the use of a desk screen divider. Below we explore why every open-plan office needs to use desk screen dividers.

They create designated workspaces

Desk screen dividers are a fantastic way to create designated workspaces in an open-plan office. They easily create some personal working areas without isolation from the wider office community. They are also a practical and easy solution for when you need to work alone, away from a large group of colleagues.

Add colour and design

The open-plan office can sometimes appear to be devoid of colour and visual interest. The inclusion of a BuzziDesk Office Screen is an easy and highly practical way to add colour and interest to the office space as it is available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your company brand.

They help to maintain privacy

Sometimes it is important to maintain privacy when working in an open-plan office. This may be required when dealing with sensitive information. This can be particularly challenging in large open spaces. The BuzziCockpit Desk Screen Divider is for single person use and provides a box-like screen for absolute privacy, while still remaining part of the team.

Personalised spaces

There can be a lack of personal touches and individuality in the open-plan office. The introduction of desk screen dividers can help to add this touch of personality to the office space. The Aluscreen Desk Divider provides you with a versatile solution for creating that personalised space as it comes in a range of colours and has elasticated holders for inserting photographs and pictures.

Break up large spaces

When the open plan office is comprised of large desks, the use of office desk screen dividers can help to break up this large desk space. A mobile desk screen divider that is portable and lightweight with suction cups can be placed wherever it is needed. They help to create these separate desks without the need to move furniture – a huge advantage in an office space with different working needs.

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