The Working From Home Starter Kit

Before the 1900’s working from SOHO was the norm.

Obviously, we’re not talking about that trendy West End entertainment hotspot, but rather the Small Office / Home Office setup (yep, SOHO is the actual abbreviation).

Without going into too much detail, the spread of the Industrial Revolution was responsible for – together with creating a rise in literacy, infant life expectancy and lots and lots of smoke – people starting to work in centralised factories and offices.

Luckily the advent, and improvement, of the personal computer from the late 1980’s onwards, combined with a big emphasis on work/life balance and productivity, meant that office workers could again disperse and start working from home.

But what does the modern home office look like? Here are our SOHO essentials:

This Desk

Yes, this desk, the Riga Domestic Desk from Cappellini! It’s pretty, big enough to fit all your working-at-home-have-to-haves, comes in a wide range of colours and will fit your house whether you’ve decorated it according to the latest Vogue or if you’re still stuck in the 1960’s.

Comfortable Seating

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you get to slack off and catch up on Homeland. Making sure you’re comfortable sitting at your desk will help curb that almost unbearable urge to find out how Carrie screws up next. The Skape Executive chair from Vitra, designed by Antonio Citterio, is sure to keep you glued to your seat and working hard. And it will look pretty smart with your new desk.

Get Dressed

Yeah, you heard us, no PJ’s! Getting dressed before you start your workday helps you to get your mind off analyzing that dream you had and gets you in the right frame of mind for a productive day.

Light, Lighter, Akari

The only thing hard fluorescent lighting on a desk is good for is giving you a migraine. On the other hand, this Akari desk lamp from Vitra is both functional and aesthetically pleasing; it’s soft light emanating from the 1951 Isamu Noguchi sculpture.

A Door

Because sometimes you just need to shut out the yelps from your two four-year-olds wrestling while you’re on a Skype call to your boss.