The Benefits Of Meeting Pods

Over the past few years, the way we design offices has changed a lot. Transitioning from traditional office spaces, with small rooms containing individual teams, into open place offices is an ongoing process.

However, there are some changes that need a little more thought than others. In an open-plan office, you will still need to hold confidential meetings and have a separate space for important calls and project work.

Meeting pods are a good way to create space with great acoustics. They can be beneficial to your company in a number of ways.

Create more privacy with a meeting pod

The idea of an open-plan office is that you can create and collaborate with your colleagues in a professional, yet less restricted, environment than you may be used to. However, sometimes it is important to create a sense of privacy.

A stylish and neat acoustic pod can fit into a range of offices and create privacy right in the bustling hub of your office. It can work well for meetings where sensitive topics need to be discussed – or just planning that top-secret office Christmas party!

Keep remote colleagues involved

With more people than ever working remotely and employees being based all around the world in international companies, dialling in or joining a video call is as normal as being at the office in person. But some quiet is needed so that everyone can hear each other, which can be difficult enough with technological challenges.

You can keep remote colleagues involved by including them in meetings when you use your meeting pod. It can also function well for one-on-one calls, either in a professional or personal capacity, helping to keep your workforce connected even if they are not all on-site at the same time.

Increase employee wellbeing

Some employees work less well in an open plan environment, at least full time. Expecting employees to be able to focus on intensive tasks or big projects when surrounded by chattering colleagues might invigorate some with collaborative energy!

But giving them the choice to step away into a meeting pod and take a quiet couple of hours to work on that project can improve overall wellness in the workplace. That is a great way of making sure every employee can bring their best to the table.

Do you want to give your office a little extra space? A pod could fit right in.