Why Height Adjustable Desks Are Better For Your Health


Over the last couple of years the design of modern office furniture has – thankfully – evolved from the archaic practice of being purely made for purpose to modern office furniture that is geared towards being more user-friendly and the wellness of your employees.

Humans weren’t designed to be sitting for long stretches at a time. It is, in fact, so bad for you (and the British journal of Sports Medicine will back us up on this one) that along with a thirteen percent increased risk of cancer and more than twice the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, people who sit for too long also have a seventeen percent increased risk of premature death.

Luckily we’re here to help! The effects of prolonged sitting can be easily undone by something as simple as standing up.

Here are a couple of height adjustable desks (or sit-stand desks) to help your employees get up and work on their wellness:

Canvaro Sit Stand Desk

Canvaro height adjustable desks have a large range of height adjustable features with quiet motors, and a nifty anti-collision feature, which means no crushed fingers when you adjust the height. The desk also features low standby power consumption and the electrical settings, which allow for an adjustment range of 650-1280mm, are easy to use.


Progress Adjustable Desks

Progress Adjustable Desks are set using gas to lift and set the workstation height. The Progress desk range is the only manual sit stand adjustable workstation in the Apres furniture portfolio of adjustable desks to offer a height of 685 to 1185mm. Elite Progress height adjustable desks come available with MFC table tops (ash, beech, cherry, silver, oak, walnut, wenge, or white) or veneer finish (ash or oak). Progress desks can be purchased as a height adjustable sit and stand desk or a fixed height office desk, allows you to have a continuity within the office.


Tyde Adjustable Table

Designed by the brothers Bouroullec, the Tyde Adjustable Table sets the tone for sit-stand desks, allowing you to choose the height at which you want to work. Tyde is equipped with sound-proof screens and with technology covers under the table top. These are made of a lightweight innovative polyester fleece. Moreover, the motor for electric height-adjustment is especially quiet.


Mobility Height Adjustable Desks

The Mobility Desk provides a wide range of height adjustments for both single and double tables, as well as offering a wide range of tops that allow you to compose a workspace to suit your needs. Importantly, the height of each individual desk in a system can be adjusted independently.

For office noise reduction, Mobility Height-Adjustable Desk includes an impressive height-adjustable desk screen divider, with silent operation. It also includes much needed mobile storage units and cushioned cabinets, encouraging movement and informal communication.  Additional elements include CPU supports and wiring ducts.


Kyo Sit-Stand Executive Desk

Company execs also need to stand during work and the Kyo Sit-Stand Executive Desk is the perfect desk for them to do it at. It as an adjustable height desk return extension fitted with a silent electric mechanism. The height adjustment of the desk return is easily changed from a sit-to-stand height by the keypad located underneath the desktop. Kyo desktops and panels are available in different sizes and finishes. The Kyo sit-stand executive desk range includes a wide variety of materials: from wood to lacquer, glass to leather and cement to solid surface. Selecting Kyo sit-stand desk as your executive office solution will allow you to have a customized office according to functional and aesthetical needs you require.