Why Office Seating Is The Most Overlooked Aspect Of Office Design

Your office interior design, signage and furniture say a lot about you as a company. Not just in the way that your colour scheme and theme dovetail with your brand identity though. Your office design also sends a lot of passive messages too. Such as whether you are a forward-looking, traditional or achingly contemporary organisation.

There is another important universal aspect involved when designing the perfect office. Do you care enough about your staff to make sure they are comfortable at work? Possibly the most pivotal item you will select when it comes to keeping your team happy is the seating.

Chairs to bring accolades, not aches

Happy and healthy staff are more loyal and productive. It’s something many successful UK companies see as a core corporate value. You should start by making sure that company chairs are the best ones to support your employees’ job roles.

The reverse side is a member of staff perched on a seat too big, small, rigid, mobile or lumpy and bumpy. They will probably end their working day with aches and pains, but they could also be distracted and disengaged during office hours too.

Do Task chairs are a great example, as not only do they have superb lumbar support, they also offer a single skin mesh for temperature control and breath ability.

Investing in any of our cleverly designed office seating can support “healthy” work environments, and position your team flawlessly with their devices.

Getting your brand identity right

However, let’s get something clear. This doesn’t have to be “just” about ergonomically correct chairs that ensure staff posture is on point. Office seating should also be about style, as well as substance.

That’s especially true of reception chairs, and visitor seats used in meeting and conference rooms.

Designers and engineers throughout the office furniture manufacturing sector have been inspired to create a wealth of options, to enable specifiers to match seating to every aspect of their interior design. So, just picking chairs that “feel right” when you sit down is a bit of a disservice to those hardworking folk.

For example, you could select supportive and perfectly proportioned office seating that also matches your chosen colour scheme. Or, you can be led by the style of seating to make your office interior a homogenised and impressive sight. For just one eye-catching example, look at the super-smart Haven High Backed office sofas.

Of course, getting office interiors right also means finding well-made office seating that’s durable and a sound investment.

Fortunately, Apres Furniture makes it easy and stress-free to put chairs in the middle of your office design and refurbishment projects.