Soft Seating Solutions That Blend In The Office

Timelessness, elegance and class. Those are, more often than not, the words conjured that come to mind when we see furniture designs with a minimalist ethos in muted colours. The purity of form means that these “softer” pieces blend into their environment instilling a sense of calm and tranquility. While pops of bright colours in the workplace have a function, it is the calm colours that ground employees and help them relax. Here is some inspiration to say it softly in your office:

Top left, the Millenium Drive Sofa by Christophe Pillet is a theatrical piece in its visual form but retains its minimalist heart in design. The sofa softly envelops users for a comfortable break in the office breakout- or waiting room. Moving clockwise, the Labanca Sofa Bench is a highly versatile range of seating, designed to furnish and accent any area where seating is required. Its rounded corners and satin finishes mean that its style will never get old. Stone Soft Seating by British design studio PearsonLloyd is a system of modular sofas of simple rounded shapes. Soft and comfortable, Stone Sofa draws upon the appealing shapes of stones that have been honed by flowing water, and sitting on this sofa will bring you the same tranquility as sitting next to the babbling brook that lent it some inspiration. Another design by PearsonLloyd, the Polar Sofa is a concept inspired by icebergs, dynamic and impressive, this sofa, however, utilises soft curves and angles and promises not to sink your boat on sitting down.

Kaffe Tables, while built to withstand outdoor environments that demand a great deal in terms of durability, they are still comprised of soft lines and rounded corners. Kaffe is as at home inside as it is outside. Bla Station’s Bob Sofa Modular Seating is a flexible seating system that uses a family of softly shaped modules that allows it to be shaped into virtually any shape sofa your office requires. The Vogue Executive Pink Desk is a unique offering from the Sinetica Design Lab, epitomising high-quality executive office furniture. Lacquered in pastel pink, this director’s desk brings a sense of calm to the executive desk.

Trinetic Chair is the world’s first fully certified task chair to provide dynamic seating support without the need for manual user adjustments, Trinetic represents the next generation of office seating. Its pastel colours and soft lines around the backrest and armrest make for an inviting piece that calms the user.