Moon Poof Compliments The Bob Sofa

The Bob Sofa is an innovative piece of furniture. It lets you stretch your creativity and form just about any short or long configuration. With 5 soft seating components that can be arranged in a manner that suits your space and layout (if the interior space calls for it to be long and wide, or short and thin, the modular and flexible Bob sofa allows you to achieve it), Bob just needed a little something to make it extra special.

If your space requirements change after a few new hires, Bob’s modular nature allows you to simply rearrange it into a new shape that suits your needs better. And now a modular pouf, the Bob Moon Pouf, makes Bob even more comfortable. Having been designed with Bob in mind, the Moon Pouf acts as a complimentary seat or footrest orbiting close to the base station. It’s comfortable yet firm pouf suitable for any residential or contract environment – and coming from the stables of Bla Station, you can be sure that it looks the part too.


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