High Back Sofas Gives You Privacy Amongst The Bustle

The modern office is no longer just a place to work. It is a creative hub which celebrates the skills of its occupants. Open plan is in, cramped, claustrophobic cubicles are out. Modern office design understands the need for individuality and not conformity.

However, space does come at a cost. How many times have you wished for the privacy that comes with being at home, cocooned within your own space? Noises from various different people and objects within the office space can encroach upon your workflow. In an open-plan setting, personal space is a premium.

It’s not just that, either – some conversations benefit from the cocoon of privacy, but are better carried out in an informal setting, away from cramped meeting rooms which may also need to be booked with your facilities team. Modern office space designers know this and look for inventive solutions to these problems. Certain situations require the best of both worlds. Team meetings do not need to be formal.

Huddle up

There is a term which describes this kind of team meeting perfectly – the huddle. This is a great word which brings to mind informality and privacy. You can’t just huddle anywhere though – you still need something that allows you that private space away from the rest of the office whilst maintaining your team’s physical presence within the office. You need to create a virtual wall between you and the rest of the office, but without cubicles how does inventive office design achieve this goal?

Modern high back sofas

Enter the high back sofa. This modern, forward-thinking office furniture element is absolutely ideal for this need. It creates walls for your team without corralling them into a confined space. Ideas flow freely without the fear that people can overhear the conversation. This is one of the hot trends over the last few years, and for good reason. With the correct positioning, a high backed sofa envelops its occupants in a private world which feels a hundred miles removed from surrounding activity.

Many modern design houses understand this need with architects designing sleek, modernistic pieces with an almost sci-fi feel to them, in shades which complement the airy, bright feel of modern office space. A good example of the best that this element has to offer is the Cocoon high back sofa, designed by Boss.

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