Poltrona Frau Leather Selection Process

Poltrona Frau is Italian class and style personified. And if you are looking for leather upholstered furniture, you need not look further than Poltrona Frau.

A search for the the ultimate materials has always been a part of Poltrona Frau’s production. They always use the very best wood, metal and, of course, the exclusive Pelle Frau® leather. The “iconic material” of timeless archetypes, Pelle Frau® leather preserves the original and natural softness of the finest coats to guarantee its inimitable aesthetic and tactile qualities, as well as its durability. Guaranteeing the highest quality standards, Pelle Frau® is strictly natural full-grain leather, the outer layer, the most valuable part of the dermis, with pores either partially or completely uncovered, soft, resistant to light, and dyed right through.

Have a look at this short film about the leather Poltrona Frau uses in the production of upholstered seating: