Fielding Worktables™ Launch With Après

Fielding Worktables™ was designed to match–and cater for– human differences and diversity and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and looks, to help employees find comfort in different set-ups while connecting to the furniture they use.

We live in an age that a more diverse workplace means it is an attractive workplace for the millennial generation. Attracting and retaining the right workforce means that you are on your way to making a more successful business. Fielding worktables reflect that work is most often not about individual effort but rather about cultivating the right team culture, bringing out the best in everyone during collaborative sessions. Work is no longer a game for the individual. It’s a network culture, not a hierarchical one.

Fielding Worktables make use of split tops which open up new and more dynamic specification options. When a table has two tops, you have the opportunity to mix a cool veneer top with a decorative pattern too.

Fielding Tables are for businesses that want to look different, with a different attitude, culture, way of behaving and a way of doing things–it’s for the business that embraces diversity. Fielding Table brings teams, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task. It is working within guidelines of the task but without boundaries of how you achieve it.

Every Fielding Table features a generous, fabric-covered hollow base structure under the table top, this has been designed to be positioned over standard floor boxes and can accommodate all your power and data cabling requirements, as well as additional technology. The Fielding worktable also has a concealed panel door giving your IT department secure access as well as allowing air to circulate inside the structure.

Fielding Worktable split table tops and single tops offer a range of standard Orangebox on-top power/data modules. You can also specify your Fielding table with lift-off circular disc lids allowing ample below-top power boxes an the option to specify table top Pablo LED table lights.

Another addition to the Orangebox stable and Fielding range is Fielding Cafe Height Tables

Functioning in the same way as it’s shorter cousin, the High Table range can accommodate from four to eight people. The Fielding Café height table range offers two split-level tops and two single table tops.  Each one of the four Fielding Café height tables features the same fabric covered hollow table base structure under the worktop. This allows the for the table to be placed over floor boxes and for the allowance of power and data cabling. The base of the table also includes a secure panel door for easy cable management access for facilities or IT.

Fielding worktables

Adding Fielding tables into the workplace makes for a smarter and more successful working office environment.