Actiu Launch Mobility Height-Adjustable Desk

Actiu has aligned their company principles to the principles of Agile Working and is calling this philosophy Cool Working. One of the sdesking solotions to be borne from this philosophy is the Mobility Height Adjustable Desk – a desking system that fosters a healthy lifestyle at work.

Mobility Height-Adjustable Desk offers users the combined ergonomic benefits of standing and sitting work postures.

By standing up for a few hours in the office, you can have a positive effect on our health and wellbeing. Working while standing improves our capacity for concentration and productivity while it also helps to ward of cardiovascular complications.  After intensive research on occupational health and the observation of users in their daily activities, Actiu presents designed and developed Mobility.

The Mobility Height-Adjustable Desk range consists of various desks with electronic or manual height adjustments, offering a wide choice to create your workspace. Mobility Desk provides a combination of different solutions in height adjustment for single and double tables, as well as offering a wide range of tops that allow you to compose a workspace to suit the needs of each user. Importantly, the height of each individual desk in a system can be adjusted independently.

A unique “H” shape has been designed to form the table legs, removing the need for additional supportive feet, providing more space and further mobility.


For office noise reduction, Mobility Height-Adjustable Desk includes an impressive height-adjustable desk screen divider, with silent operation. The sound absorption of the screen is achieved via polyurethane foams or latex material.

Mobility also includes mobile storage units and cushioned cabinets, encouraging movement and informal communication.  Additional elements include CPU supports and wiring ducts.