Five Essential Startup Office Furniture Guide

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite things and put them right here for your perusing (and purchasing) pleasure.

Bosa Tables and Benches

So you’ve got a trendy workspace and need some equally trendy furnishings to fill your new agile working and breakout area with. Look no further because James Burleigh’s Bosa Table & Benches are as cool as they come. The Bosa range includes a selection of pieces in various heights and lengths and if you like a bit of colour blocking, you’d be happy to know that you can choose from an impressive selection of over 100 colours… All mod cons (power, data, monitor and cable management) can, of course, be fitted too.


Woody Large Bench Seat

Apart from the fact that the Woody looks pretty damn cool (yeah, it’s meant to look like a fallen tree – that’s what the designers at Deadgood were going for), the large bench seat is also rather practical. Meant as a reminder for us to reconnect with nature, the Woody is made with softwood frames, responsive foams and a swish, textured fabric available in just about every colour imaginable. This tongue in cheek perch is meant as a temporary seat in either breakout or reception areas.


Cap Private Workbooth

We know that modern office life can sometimes get a bit much, but luckily we can provide you with some succour in the shape of the Cap Private Workbooth. This acoustic workstation minimises noise pollution through its clever textile cover, making it the ideal workstation for a hotdesking environment.


Grip Table

Designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen the Grip Table took inspiration from tight-rope walkers strutting their stuff in mid-air with only a long pole as help to balance. The table uses a clever locking mechanism and allows for the table to become more stable as more weight is placed upon it. The Grip Table is available as swanky meeting tables, functional break-out tables or impressive conference tables in either wood or glass tops.


Callita Chair

The Callita Chair, designed by Andreas Ostwald, wouldn’t go amiss in the Tate… Striking aesthetics aside, the chair is ergonomically designed, providing maximum strength, support and comfort with its polyurethane seat which sits on a die-cast aluminium base. Callita is the perfect piece for a café or breakout area, and being made of non-corrosive materials, this chair is also perfect for outdoor use.