Moai High Back Sofa Inspired By The Shape Of A Shell

If design trends – or the lack thereof, according to many industry experts – are not shaping up for a major shake-up then we’re stuck with the open plan office for the foreseeable future. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing. In fact, a lot of good – like interdepartmental cross-pollination and collaboration has come of it. You just have to learn to effectively manage the fallout that comes with the perks of having a co-workspace. And that’s where the Moai High Back Sofa comes in.

Moai High Back Sofa was inspired by the soft pebble shapes acquired by square bricks and other stones after years of rolling back and forth on the beach. With a shape reminiscent of a shell, the high back highlights the sofa’s function as a “step-away station” or ‘unplugged’ retreat from the hustle and bustle of the office.

The Moai High Back Sofa is designed to close comfortably around you when you sit in it. It acts as a quiet little room on four legs that lets you have some privacy or a peaceful moment to yourself.

Moai’s distinctive notches around the armrest give it personality and a comfortable support when you are getting up. Viewed from the side, the armrests give the Moai a unique, slightly naive expression that reminds of the massive face sculptures on Easter Island.

The Moai’s High Back upholstered shell rests on a simple metal cross that follows the chair’s soft form and leads down into four turned wooden legs.

The Moai is a haven in a busy and chaotic time – so feel free to creep back into your shell.