Bring Spring In The Office With These Furniture Designs

We’re not suggesting you don your polka dot Speedos or dust off your wide-brimmed sunhat just yet, but even though it’s still rather chilly out, spring is definitely on its way.  And to get ready for its imminent arrival we’ve decided to put together some of our best spring pieces so you can be ready to roll the moment the sun rears its glorious head.

Alain Gilles has extended an old favourite of ours, the BuzziPicNic range – and just in time for spring.

The PicNic Round offers a different dynamic because of the way people are seated. Mr. Gilles said that the PicNic Round will give the impression that the flow of ideas circulates better and is enriched by everyone around the table.” This makes it the perfect table for informal meeting rooms or breakout areas. It also would not be out of place in a coffee shop or areas where friends get together. These tables are available in sizes ranging from small to large and come in solid wood finishes. You get to choose between the worktop & base in Ash Natural, Ash Black Stained, Ash White Wash, Ash Walnut Stained, Oak.


522 Tokyo Seating is a designer Chaise Longue composed of 12 curved wooden strips in teak, beech or bamboo. The Chaise Longue features the joining elements connecting the strips to the bars below are satin brass studs. The base is of solid wood (teak, beech or bamboo.) The mattress comes with water-draining polyurethane upholstery and stain resistant polyester yarn coated in PVC treated with an exclusive formulation. Just the right thing after a long day in the sun.


Soundwave® Planter is designed to complement the Soundwave® acoustic system enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of the acoustic panel selection. Planter offers the opportunity to add greenery to public and private environments such as office receptions and waiting rooms offering pleasant surroundings with flowers and plants – perfect for brightening both clients and employees’ days.