What Are The Advantages Of Bench Desks?

Years ago, you’d walk into almost any office and be met with a view of individual cubicles. People would have their own desks in their own spaces, with walls that separated them from their colleagues.

Now, the average office has an open-plan layout with people working much more closely together. More often than not, those people are seated at bench desks.

But what are the advantages of bench desks? Why are these executive desks so popular, and so often seen in offices and meeting rooms?

Space saving

Office bench desks share a frame. As a result, a long desk with four legs (and perhaps a central fifth leg for support), could provide working space for four employees. Two people could sit on one side of the desk, with the other two sitting opposite.

The desks are wide enough for all of the necessary equipment including monitors and file storage systems, without requiring every member of a team to have their own freestanding desk.

No trailing cables

Many bench desks feature central cable management. Holes in the middle of the desk can be used to feed cables from multiple computers, printers and other devices down from the work-space and out of the way.

With bench desks, there are no trailing cables, and all wires are away from open spaces where they might become a health and safety hazard.

Easier communication

Bench desks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are suitable for two people sitting opposite one another, or side-by-side, whilst others can be used by as many as 20 people. Everyone sits together, which encourages communication. Team members sit face-to-face where they can easily discuss their work, and everyone is brought together to collaborate on projects that they’re working on.

Bench desks act as an everyday workspace, but can also be used in meeting rooms and meeting pods where ideas, and information, can be shared both quickly and effectively. They’re ideal for open-plan offices, encouraging everyone to spend time together.


Even if your top priority is to source the most functional office furniture, there’s no doubt that you’ll want it to look good. Bench desks could be the best choice for those that want luxury furniture, providing the best fusion of style and substance.

Stylish office desks don’t need to be sacrificed if you’re short on space, or if you want to make sure that everyone can sit together comfortably.

Bench desks are available in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. They’ll please even the fussiest of interior designers.


Bench desks can be put together in a wide variety of configurations, making them a very flexible choice for offices of every type. They’re a modular option. Desks can be added and removed as necessary. They’re also surprisingly lightweight, so can be easily shuffled around, with many on castors for effortless movement.

You can create useful central meeting pods, or put benches all around the edge of the room. As your needs change, so can your office layout.

You can have one large desk that sits 20 people, taking up almost all of your office space, or easily split that larger desk into smaller ones for separate teams. And on those occasions when members of staff might prefer a little more privacy, many bench desks are also compatible with desk dividers that can be used for individual workspaces.