All About Office Pods

Modern offices look a lot different from the traditional spaces of the past. Many offices are now designed as open plan to promote collaboration and creativity and support a more flexible and agile working area.

While open-plan offices can be a great idea for all kinds of companies, sometimes everyone needs a little extra privacy. Rather than putting up walls where you don’t want them, look to office pods to give you the private space you need without interrupting the aesthetic of your space.



Sometimes, it isn’t suitable to hold a meeting in a shared space. While many things can be done this way, hiring and firing, performance reviews, and confidential projects all require a little more distance from your colleagues.

Meeting pods, made to your exact specifications, provide space and privacy without spoiling the flow of your office. They have excellent acoustics and a cosy yet spacious area to host team meanings or more intimate conversations.


Phone calls

With the advent of headsets, mobile phones, and taking calls on our laptops, we often feel that our calls are private. But sometimes you need a little bit of extra removal from the public space to take those sensitive calls – and busy offices are often not quite enough.

Phone booths are an excellent way to get some quiet time to concentrate when you need to, without creating whole rooms for phone calls to be taken in isolation.


Solitary working

While collaborative working is great most of the time, sometimes employees need to squirrel away and create alone. For spaces that provide a quiet place for concentration and focused working, mini pods are there to provide it. They can also work for one on ones or if two people are working on a project together.


Office pods offer the best of both worlds

Railway carriage pods are a great choice if you want to keep the modern look of your office while adding a little flair of ingenuity. They provide a fantastic one on one office pod meeting space, a place for visitors to wait, or even for lunches to be eaten.

They can be left open at the side, providing workers with easy access to the rest of the office (and so they are not entirely removed from their environment), perfect for if they need to work one-on-one but still want to be available.

Ready to give your office a sense of privacy while never interrupting its stylish look? Office pods are the perfect answer.