Why Every Workplace Needs A Quiet Phone Booth

Most organizations, today, from small-scale businesses to large corporations, have opted for the concept of an open-space work environment. As much as this proficient system promotes interactions and a collaborative work environment, it has a fair share of nuisances too. From lack of privacy to the lack of focus, no one talks about the underrated problems of the open-space working environments. This is why a quiet phone booth is a must-have for every organization.

This dedicated soundproof space might be counted as a luxury in the offices, but the secret advantages of the phone booth prove it is nothing but a necessity for every workplace.

Here is why you should have a quiet phone booth in your workplace.

1. Privacy is Essential

Even though the open space work environment systems help to make connections among employees stronger, there is no denying that every employee should be given some space. While doing many valuable tasks, an employee might need some “alone time” too. And this is where a quiet phone booth will save the day.

Whether there are conflicts in the office or an influx of visitors, a quiet phone booth gives some personal space to the employees to cool down. In addition, it can prove to be a secret weapon for the managers as it provides the space for the employees to handle personal situations calmly.

2. Improves Focus of The Employee

Not every employee is an extrovert, and not every employee wants a bunch of people always hanging around. Some of them need space to bolster their creativity and execute ideas.

In a busy working environment, a quiet phone booth helps the secret hustlers think in a peaceful environment and develop some path breathtaking ideas. And who doesn’t want the employees to come up with the best ideas?

Therefore, a quiet phone booth helps to escape from distractions in the office and focus on the important tasks. This secret weapon eventually produces the best outcomes for the workplace.

3. Deviates From Noise Distractions

A noisy workplace environment is an idea killer. Working in such an environment drops productivity by up to 66%. Hence, to solve this problem, the concept of adding a quiet phone booth is picking up momentum.

While we might think that working with our colleagues makes us lively and productive, it brings the creativity blocks too. The noise pollution often results to be very distressing on employees’ mental health, and it usually holds our subconscious level in thrall. Thus, the best way to overcome this block is to spend some time in the phone booth.

4. Makes Businesses Secrets Easier to Keep

A working business environment is full of code words and passwords. And these pins and passwords should be kept confidential.

In a busy working environment, a quiet phone booth helps employees share confidential information easily. It helps to maintain the secrecy of the business and prevents the information from getting stolen or being overheard by someone else.


All the problems of an open work environment have a single solution, and that is a quiet phone booth in offices.

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