The Insider’s Guide to Office Pods

An office pod is a private space for workers to perform tasks in peace. With its soundproofing features, this is one of the top reasons organisations today are more inclined to get an office pod.

So, if you are looking for office pod options, we at Après Furniture lay in front of you an insider’s guide to help you understand your purchase.


Why Would You Get A Room-In-Room?

Imagine your employee sitting with the laptop screen, staring innocently at their face reflection. Their focus may keep getting redirected because of the continuous chittering of nearby hot desking colleagues, a loud guest, the creaky window overhead, or the printer’s sporadic whir. Time might be running out, and the one thing they crave at the time is a quiet place.


The office pods were made just for that. They are soundproof, so no outside noise can penetrate the walls. There are add-on features like bright LED lights and electric sockets to provide you with a comfortable setting. Retiring to an office pod to wrap up a difficult project is a relief your employees would be thankful for.


No Distractions

With no useless commotion becoming a hindrance in the task assigned to your employees, office pods like the Max Calma Z work pod are the best shot. When an individual secludes themselves in an office pod, it is apparent that they require silence to do their job well and on time.

The quality of our office pods is top-notch, so the ones on the outside of the pod do not need to tip-toe around the pod. They are free to make noise and get things done their way.

Office pods in an open-plan design are something of a blessing for employees who would rather splay out in an enclosed, soundproof space than tolerate noisy cubicles. They get their tasks done way faster. And, of course, their managers would obviously like it when they receive early paperwork, helping them get ahead of their schedule.


Privacy Matters

It is impossible to separate work from others in communal office planning. All that hot desking and social factors thin out boundaries. This, then, ultimately means that the project that the employee would like to get done is delayed. To top it off, if it is a confidential task, everyone might easily get a peek at it in an open space. Potential leaks can be a threat to the company’s integrity.

A simple solution to that is, however, office pods. Anybody who is working on a confidential task or needs to conduct a private meeting can take refuge there. There is no way any information would get out since the office pods are built with highly functional soundproof systems.


Key Takeaway For Office Pods!

It is essential to take a long look at the employee’s needs because what the employee requires to perform the task is really what the organisation needs to achieve its goals.

Check out the best office pods at Après Furniture. You can also contact our team to guide you further about the prices and delivery times.