Why Is Lockable Storage Important For Your Office?

Searching for lockable office storage can be a nightmare. Finding that perfect one takes time, but fortunately, our new storage designs have something for everybody. Whether you are searching for personal mobile storage or office stuff lockers, we have it, and the quality is guaranteed as well.

Those mobile storage lockers are perfect if you have a smaller office since you can place them under the desk. Nicely shaped, with a lot of storage space, they represent an ideal storage unit. For your mobile workspace, the Casino Rex Mobile Storage is ideal, since it provides mobility for your work as well as security.

If you are searching for storage units and you don’t have too much workspace, you should consider purchasing Pedestals with a seat pad. This type of design will allow you to use it not just as lockable storage, but also as a place for rest. If you choose this sort of storage space, you will be able to choose between various designs and colours. To sum up, if you are searching for a cosy and stylish piece of storage, this one is perfect for you.

For the commercial environment, the Kontrax lockers are the perfect fit. They do not occupy a lot of space, and they provide you with security and vast storage space. If you decide to go with this type of storage, be aware that you can choose between different lock types, such as a coin-operated lock, a combination lock or a staple lock.

Modern times offer modern solutions, so it’s natural that we also have storage units with charging points. This means that you can recharge your phones and computers while you are at a meeting or taking a break. This is the ideal way to reduce the time spent worrying about low battery levels, which can often be very stressful, especially when you are close to a deadline.

 Our newly designed cabinets are perfect for storing archives, or for those who just need extra organising space. Their security is guaranteed, and they come with two key mastered series.

We have everything you need, so whatever you choose, know that you’ve chosen wisely.