How To Raise Employee Motivation Successfully

Getting the most out of your employees can sometimes feel like a daunting challenge. However, taking the time to review and optimise your current office configuration can often help remove many of the obstacles that can stand in the way of your employees achieving their full potential. So, what simple ways can you use to raise your employee’s motivation and what are some examples of quick-wins that can improve morale and productivity?

Listen to their requests

If you want to know what to change in your office, the simplest way is to just ask. This will quickly give you access to first-hand feedback that can allow you to tackle issues around your layout and current configuration. This can often be as simple as adding lockers to store property for those who commute and cycle, improve your internal storage for key documents, or feeding back client observations on how your current aesthetic reads to the public. Taking the time to listen and understand what changes may bring the most value can be highly effective when it comes to getting the most from your space and team.

Make their job easier

Eliminating obstacles to productivity can be a quick and simple way to draw maximum benefit from your working environment. This can include tailoring your conferencing space with a concrete table that matches or dictates your overall design choices. Alternatively, dedicated pods can accommodate specialist equipment such as 3D printers without the need to re purpose existing rooms. Bespoke furniture is extremely helpful when it comes to fully accommodating employees with disabilities or those who require specific functionality to carry out their work without impediment.

Offer comfort

If an employee spends over seven hours a day working at their desk, it’s vitally important that they are not at risk of injury while they do so. Deploying standing desks can help temper long-standing medical issues and prevent problems like RSI or DVT. Spending a little extra on aesthetically pleasing and comfortable seating that accommodates and cares for your employee’s health and protects them against bad working practices can improve the commitment and quality of your team’s work.

Respect their space

Modern professionals who are good at their jobs value a high degree of autonomy in carrying them out. This means that letting them get on with their work in a way that suits them is highly important. Allowing for remote working on laptops, with armatures means they can work from the office and home with minimum disruption to their schedule. And deploying an acoustic baffle that matches your aesthetic can help prevent phone calls from disrupting those who are working intensely or would suffer from being distracted. If you want to learn more about how changing your design and layout can improve your employees’ motivation and productivity, please do not hesitate to contact our team and let us know exactly what you need to improve your office.