Halo Seating Has A Variety Of Seating Configurations

The Halo Seating system is based on the idea of mixing and matching different backrest elements with different size seats to create a variety of seating configurations, ranging from a single seat easy-chair to a public seating system to a three-seat sofa that works well in different office environments. The Halo seating is characterised by a very large backrest that can provide additional comfort, but also provides increased privacy and improves acoustics without the need to lose oneself in. This makes it the perfect seating solution for breakout areas where colleagues congregate for lunches or breaks or where informal meetings are held. The design’s rounded, organic shape lends itself to adding a sense of calm to the environment in which it is placed, while still remaining modern in aesthetic. The system gets its name, ‘HALO’, because the backrest/headrest is reminiscent of a saint’s halo.

halo seating