Après Furniture Partners With Wagner

At Après Furniture, we understand the important role furniture plays in improving workers’ productivity, their wellbeing and ultimately, the profitability of the companies they work for. It is the reason we take great care – and pride – in finding the manufacturing partners that uphold the same values and recognise these factors as the foundation to their approach in designing furniture for the modern office workplace.

Always looking to extend our product offering, we recently partnered with German office furniture manufacturing giants, Wagner. Founded in 1976 by Michael Wagner, Wagner soon became one of the leading swivel chair manufacturing companies in Europe.

By placing health, design and functionality at the centre of their design philosophy, Wagner has managed, in a relatively short space of time, to become doyens of their industry, creating chair designs that seamlessly marries ergonomics and aesthetics.

According to Wagner the “the feel-good factor [of their design] becomes apparent for us when design, movement and health work in unison. Through consequent research and development, we created an excellent patent.”

While many studies have been conducted on the adverse effects of sitting, Wagner recognises the fact that desk-bound modern office workers struggle to get away from sitting while performing their duties. They claim that it is, in fact, possible to “sit healthy” when chair design is underpinned by human-movement science and the health factors that govern it.

It has been proven that office workers spend an average of 14 hours sitting (at work and at home) per day, leading to 25% of them suffering some form of chronic back pain.

At Après, we have have looked at Wagner’s furniture offering and added sixteen seating designs, brought to life to specifically combat the stresses that sitting commits against our bodies on a daily basis. Here are a two of them:

D1 Office Chair


While offering an unique and striking aesthetic design, the D1 Office Chair offers an enhanced enhance Dondola® seat joint, designed by Stefan Diez. Thanks to the construction of the steel tube frame with mesh, the seat adjusts perfectly to the sitting position and stimulates the user to sit actively and more dynamically.

W5-1 Office Chair


Winner of the 2018 German Design Award, the W5-1 Office Chair is the first carbon office chair in the world. Drawing form the expertise of leaders of industry from the carbon sector, this chair benefits from an ultra-thin backrest that is suspended at only six points, allowing for the perfect user adjustability and comfort.

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