What’s The Best Type Of Airport Seating?

People spend a lot of time in an airport. Most of that time, they’ll be sitting down as they wait for the right gate to open. Waiting to board a flight can be an uncomfortable experience, both mentally and physically. How can the right airport seating make the situation a little more bearable?

Should all airport seating be the same?

Ideally, passengers should be able to choose between a variety of different seats. These might be placed in separate areas so that they don’t look mismatched. Here are a few options, along with the benefits of each:

Passport Beam Seating

Most people recognise this kind of airport seating. It’s a simple, space-saving solution. It’s also strong, sturdy and easy-to-clean. Passport Beam Seating could be ideal for waiting areas that are close to the boarding gates. It’s simple but effective, giving passengers somewhere to rest their legs as they wait for their flight to be called.

Ascent Modular Beam Seating

A more modern solution, adding a touch of luxury and comfort, the Ascent Modular Beam Seating could be perfect for general waiting areas. These are areas where passengers are likely to spend more time before they even think about walking to their gate. Passengers aren’t so close together when they’re using this type of airport seating. That means that they’ll have a bit of space to comfortable snack, open up their laptop or try and keep the kids entertained. The modular base can even include USB charging ports, helping everyone to stay better connected.

Take Terminal Seating

Another one for long waits. The Take Terminal Seating is comfortable, with the option of vandal-proof foam, and also includes power sockets and tables for drinks and gadgets.

7100 Terminal Bench

Ideal for lounge areas, where people may need time to catch up on sleep and enjoy some additional comfort, the 7100 Terminal Bench comes complete with an inbuilt leg stool. With these, passengers have the option to lie back rather than sit completely upright.

Tom Lounge Chair

Again suited to a lounge, the Tom Lounge Chair gives people some much-needed personal space. Instead of sitting on a bench next to a complete stranger, they can work on important business presentations or watch the world go by, with a good amount of room all around them.

Airport seating for all functions

There are great airport seating options for all sorts of situations, but none that always come out on top. In fact, it may be best to choose a variety of different types for all different applications. Waiting around is never easy, but with good airport seating and features like charging facilities, passengers will feel more at home. Discover your options for airport seating with our furniture consultants.