5 Desk Pods That Can Help You Amp Up Your Office Look

Office pods have been an answer to the problem of working without being interrupted for some time now, and they are becoming even more critical amid the post-pandemic era. Creating a space in your office that is dedicated solely to working with the help of an office pod is a fantastic way to strike a healthy balance between a corporate working lifestyle and working in private

Privacy and productivity are not mutually exclusive. Let’s look at 5 office pod ideas that promote distraction-free working.


Open Pods

The creative solution to giving employees more space for collaboration in the office outside the meeting or conference rooms is Hush Open Pod. The pod does not require much room, and it is unnecessary to place it in a corner where it will be out of the way. These pods are open on one side, but the cushions within the pod create some mild acoustics, making working there quieter than in an open workplace and less irritating for those nearby when you are having a discussion.


Sofa Pods

Nelson High Back Sofa is an acoustic seating collection that offers the perfect setting for quiet, unstructured discussions with customers, co-workers, or friends. You feel welcomed, and the outside world fades away when you’re inside the Nelson range. You can focus more when you feel safe and at ease, which can help you offer your best effort in meetings at work or on your own.


Miniature Pods

Cubbi Privacy Booth is a modular screen-based acoustic solution for a modern, flexible office. Cubbi acoustic privacy booths, which come in several size configurations, let users leave the boundaries of their desks to work in private. High-screen panels give the user visual seclusion while reducing outside disturbances.


Spacious Pods

The Spacio Mini Work Pod is a private space for one individual to concentrate while avoiding workplace chatter. The work surface has a plywood edge finish with a nanolaminate top. APAR infrared sensor is a standard feature of the Spacio Mini Work Pod that detects when the space is being used and automatically turns on the lighting and ventilation. If there is no activity in the pod for a time, this will likewise shut off automatically.

The appropriate meeting room for a brief, private discussion with a co-worker is Microoffice Quadrio. Private, individual, and the perfect size for two people. Discover limitless options and cutting-edge design with Microoffice Quadrio, which you may customize to your own specifications. Our unique design, which is built on a segmented folding system of individual sections, enables you to design a custom office that can accommodate up to eight people.


Key Takeaway For Desk Pods!

Desk pods are a highly convenient innovation that is utilized in thousands of organizations throughout the world. At Après Furniture, we offer the most contemporary office furniture solutions for your custom requirements.