These Desk Pods Will Change Your Work Environment

Pods have proved extremely useful, particularly for open office floors. Desk pods are workspaces for one to multiple individuals, separate from the bustling bunch of co-workers outside the pod.

Employees are known to quite enjoy the noiseless, personal space all to themselves. It is like an adult time-out without the punishment aspect. On the contrary, pods are quite rewarding, especially when you come up-to-date with your workload.

Naturally, giving each employee a private office isn’t always affordable. Continue to read this post ahead to learn about the different types of inexpensive and adaptable substitutes that are private office pods.


Telephone Cube

In a Telephone Cube, you can talk on the phone as loudly as you can without frowns being cast on you. You can also work here if you place a tiny table and chair.

The outside may be either melamine or magnetic film for the blackboard, while the door and rear are made of composite safety glass and anti-noise film. The inside is constructed of a hardwood acoustic panel with a functional track for a height-adjustable shelf. Felt, direct and indirect lighting, and ventilation are all incorporated into the suspended acoustic ceiling — this means you don’t need a lamp to cram your table space.



The MICROOFFICE QUADRIO 4 Pod is a favourite. Extra space is not what it’s all about, because this pod seats eight. Our MICROOFFICE QUADRIO 4 can entirely replace any conference space without requiring any structural changes. It’s never been simpler to equip your workplace with the ideal conference room. You can discover limitless potential and amazing design with MICROOFFICE QUADRIO 4, which you may customize to your own needs.

MICROOFFICE is a solution for acoustic comfort; for optimal soundproofing between the internal and outside area, layers of solid wood and acoustic materials, sound-insulating glass, a sonically sealed door, and a quiet ventilation system.

The vast surface area allows for the best acoustic material distribution, which results in a peaceful, pleasant setting. It is the perfect location for phone conversations or conference calls as the whole pod has been tuned to block out the precise frequencies of the human voice.


Hush Lounge Pod

As the name goes, Hush Lounge Pod is a four-person, soundproofed workplace meeting pod that offers the perfect acoustic setting for teams to host lively, energizing meetings without worrying about upsetting co-workers on the outside. This is perhaps one of the best things to happen in the office furniture industry.

Each Hush pod is sized and configured to execute some certain job function, including meeting pods for interviews, small-group collaborations, brainstorming sessions, and solitary pods for video conferencing and private conversations.


Key Takeaway For Desk Pods!

Pods are a haven for the ones irked by their loud colleagues. A sanctuary to upkeep the work ethic, pods come in handy. Exactly the kind you need — the ones for group meetings or a single person — depends on your work environment. At Après Furniture, we are more than happy to guide you through.