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Headline Executive Office Chair is a complete ergonomic highback high-quality management seating solution. It provides optimal support in the lumbar zone, extending into previously neglected areas of your shoulders, neck and head.

Conventional office chairs have a contoured backrest with a curve in the lumbar zone to support the sitter’s torso, however, the head is no longer aligned with the spine, forcing the shoulder and neck muscles to bear its weight. This results in strain and tension.

Headline executive office chair solves the problem with it’s flexible, elongated elongated backrest is suspended from the frame at the critical points of the lower back and neck by means of articulated joints.

In the upright position, most of the supportive function is focused on the lumbar zone. When the sitter leans back, the shoulders sink into the back panel and the upper backrest extension tilts forward to support the head. This prevents muscle strain in the neck and shoulder areas.

Headline Executive Office Chair is guaranteed by its superior design, materials and workmanship. Headline Office Chair consists of recycled aluminium comprising of 53% of the chair’s components. The remaining materials are 98% recyclable.

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