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Books are meant to be displayed, read and reread. They are part of the world of literature which is all-too-often forgotten about when hidden in boxes, sneezing in the dust.

With its meticulous attention to detail, the Classic Library opens up that world again; a custom made library as multifaceted as a diamond.

Its stylish charm and background history make the Classic Library an iconic piece of furniture, with its design inspired by the classical style found in villas, country houses and lavish town maisonettes at the beginning of the 19th century, with a visible nod to colonialism.

The Paschen Classic Library is a timeless storage solution with equally transcendent craftsmanship – hallmarks enabling it to meet all the requirements of contemporary living.

The typical design characteristics of the Classic Library are the profiled pilasters and the panelled door design, along with flutes, cassette doors and brackets. Beautiful wood surfaces offer an aesthetic charm whilst the “Antique Finish” offers an alternative choice; a newly-developed process for surface finishing.

Some of the innovations distinguishing the Classic Library include panelled doors with glass and wood panels, as well the door reveals with their striking “grooved” appearance.

Bespoke library design doesn’t come much better than this.

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