Your Employees Will Be Thankful for These Office Divider Screens

If, after deep consideration, you have finally decided to put up office divider screens within your workplace, ensure that you get it right. While all of them provide privacy, a space all by yourself— but not all may be worth your penny.

Being smart about your office divider screens would be the perfect place to start; what size do you need, for how many employees, and if it fits the office aesthetics or not?

To guide you through this very significant decision, we at Après Furniture will provide you with five of the best office divider screens we have for your consideration. We have handpicked some screen dividers that will be a hit among your employees.



A desk divider, privacy screen in public workspaces, or acoustic protection in busy call centres, Pli office divider screen is a highly effective sound-absorbing privacy panel solution. Thanks to the elastic straps holding the Pli panels together to form linear, “T,” “L,” or “X” configurations, this divider offers the user the greatest degree of customization options.

These have elastic straps that can be used to hold paper or pads, so extra paperwork can be tucked in there for safekeeping without causing clutter.



The Softline desk screens have a sleek design that would effortlessly fit in a contemporary office, much like the rest of the Softline series. This office divider screen serves as a sound-absorbing barrier, making it the perfect addition to open-plan offices for establishing quiet workspaces.



The Keko office divider screen is a versatile, lightweight desk separator that can be used with any surface. It can be quickly moved thanks to its unique suction cup, which can also be used to transform it into a divider screen for any desk system.

Simple in its design, the Keko Desk Screen’s embedded suction cup clings to any flat surface whenever and wherever it is required, without restrictions. Workspace can be partitioned in any way, and it is also simple to rearrange it to suit shifting demands and job requirements.

The suction cup on Keko’s Desk Divider creates a vacuum underneath the cup, which is started by pulling a lever. When the lever is in the closed position, the suction cup’s shell and lever design blend together nicely. The panel is encased by an aluminium frame, contributing to the lightweight office divider.



The Alumi desk screen is an excellent option to provide quiet workspaces in open-plan offices. This sound-absorbing panel, which is installed directly on the table with fittings, serves as an office divider screen. The panel’s aluminium framework is lined with acoustic material.



Domo Desk Screen offers a screen system that is more sound-absorbing than any desk-dividing privacy screen now on the market. The dynamic design of this office divider screen, which has a bevelled rim to represent the combination of light and shadow, allows for screen connections to be formed in permutations without the use of noticeable brackets.


Key Takeaway For Office Divider Screens!

When making changes to your office layout after assessing your office’s privacy requirements, it’s time to change some things. Office divider screens would be the right fit for this imbalanced equation. Check out our vast collection of useful screen dividers at  Après Furniture. Our consultants will help you with bespoke solutions.