Why Should Desk Screens Be A Priority At Your Workplace

In the post-pandemic era, the need for private spaces has become a necessity. In addition, particularly for open-plan offices where a system of shared rooms and halls exists, desk or table screens have become important. Besides promoting social distancing and providing a layer of protection, these desk screens serve a few other vital purposes.

A collaborative workspace is definitely exhilarating and promotes teamwork. But let’s face it, that is not exactly how every employee prefers working, hence, the need to break up the space. Desk screens are a vital office component because they define individual workspaces that are devoid of distractions, provide privacy, and, in turn, boost productivity.

Check out our picks of some of the best and most durable desk screens your office might need.


Mood Fabric Desk Screens

With 8 available colour options and design absorbent filling, the Mood Fabric Desk Screens are one of the best desk dividers offering several solutions at once. It ensures visual and acoustic privacy and brings out the creative you.

The fabric used for this desk screen gives a soft vibe to your workspace. It has a magnetic glass whiteboard surface and is available in custom sizes. You also have fitting options for fixed mounting or free table placement with a pen holder.


Domo Desk Screens

The Domo Desk Screen is another desk-dividing option you might like for your office. It has a sound-absorbing feature that is unlike any divider you have ever seen.

The designers of the Domo Desk Screen wanted to keep it aesthetically striking, so they kept it minimal with design. It has a bevelled edge that plays with shadows and light around the space.

These desk screens have invisible magnetic connections that fix to the table without any visible joints. It can be done in multiple combinations depending on your desk. Since you are at liberty to pick from an extensive list of colour options, you can make any combination you like and fix it on the table. Go ahead and try out some playful combinations. This will change the vibe of your office.

The Domo Screen Series is not limited to work desks and tables. You can also get them mounted on walls as panels; your entire room will be soundproof.



This acoustical desk divider is ideal for every desk, given the conversational privacy it provides. The ArtDeskscreen is made from materials that do not disrupt your phone calls with noise. It maintains the clarity of speech, ensuring what you say on call is heard without hindrance.

Installing ArtDeskscreens at your workplace is a custom project that our designers will take up and work on per your space requirements.


Key Takeaway For Desk Screens!

Providing modern offices with modern and durable furniture is our motto at Apres Furniture. We help clients seek contemporary solutions to their workplace revamping needs. Like all other furniture pieces, we have the most curated desk screens on the market that will serve the ultimate looks and functionality.