Want To Get Rid Of That Office Chair Causing Sciatica Pains? Explore Your Options

Long hours of sitting are one of the leading reasons for sciatic pain. Since your entire body weight falls on your lower body when sitting, the sciatic nerve is pressurised. Failing to realise what might be causing it could lead to the worsening of the situation.

Keeping that in mind, a workplace must be mindful of installing the right seating furniture within the office because, naturally, the employees will be sitting for an extended period.

A chair providing you with the best lumbar support and freedom of movement is necessary. Also, not to forget good seating posture. Find out the best ergonomic chairs for your workplace now!


Why Task Chair

The Why Task Chair is the perfect combination of a lightweight and flexible chair that also gives off the ultimate looks. The honeycomb mesh back is to be given credit for that.

Its intelligent and ergonomic design makes it the ideal chair for every user because it is easily adjustable and provides all-day comfort. It keeps the posture in shape and offers excellent lumbar support.

The Why Task Chair is available in two types, the S-type and the R-type. The former has a wide number of seat base fabric options with a polished aluminium base from a certain types of finish options. The latter, R-type, on the other hand, is fast to assemble with no tools at all.

The best part is, these are sustainable!


Vida Task Chair

The Vida Task Chair combines flexibility, aesthetics, and a technical design that suits the user. It is a classic chair with a mesh back, perfectly designed lines and curves, and sophisticated seating to suit the user.

Its synchronous mechanism provides holistic back support and ultimate comfort. Its operability, functionality, and efficiency are the top defining features of the Vida task chair. Wondering about the value of money? It provides that, too, while being an all-rounder when taking care of the users’ back and health.


Trinetic Chair

Behold! Our Trinetic Chair is the first fully certified task chair in the world. It provides dynamic seating support without you needing to adjust it manually. It truly is the next generation of office task chairs.

The features that standout out the most about this Trinetic Chair include the tangible circulatory and musculoskeletal benefits it provides. It supports the uncountable micromovements a user tends to make while sitting. This level of particularity with user health makes this a favourite.

Its flexible seat and backrest are designed for ergonomically feasible sitting positions without you having to do anything manually. The Trinetic Chair does not have to be used by one person only. It can adjust itself to multiple people’s sitting postures.


Key Takeaway For Office Chair Causing Sciatica Pains!

A workplace with the appropriate seating furniture reflects an organisational culture of care where well-being is prioritised. At Apres Furniture, we value just that. Our vast range of task chairs is good for employee health and is easy on their backs and spines.