Treat Your Employees with An Office Privacy Booth

Open-plan offices are being more recognised by both employers and employees as just being unpleasant, stressful, and – ironically – incredibly restrictive.

Private booths and office pods could be used as a solution to such issues. These aid businesses in realising their goal of creating offices that value adaptability and hybrid spaces.

Read on to learn about the top five privacy booths you can invest in right away for your workspace.


Spacio Lite

Spacio Lite Phone Booth is a specially created single-user privacy booth that is affordable. Despite how busy the surrounding workspace may be, this privacy booth’s small size (approximately 900 x 900 mm square) and improved acoustics offer a discrete haven from office noises for private phone calls at any time.

The hydraulically closing door of this wonderful privacy booth silently seals behind you while shielding you from outside noises, considerably improving focus. Moreover, the smart use of materials and glazed panels allows for quiet and privacy while letting in natural light, so you won’t be trapped in total darkness while conversing on a call.


Lohko Box

Acoustic seclusion is provided in the office by the Lohko Box 1 privacy booth upon entering, allowing for comfortable private calls and video conference sessions. It is the ideal sound-managed business phone booth solution to block out workplace noise and prioritises user comfort. These privacy booths provide a speedy solution and are quickly put together, so efficiency and functionality go hand in hand here.


Prime Pod

The Prime Pod privacy booth is a stand-alone oasis of peace that requires no laborious setup or remodelling. It blends Microoffice’s recognisable aesthetic with a special ventilation system, premium acoustic materials, elegant accents, and useful design.


Silent Room

The smallest privacy booth option in the Silent Room Pod line is the Silent Room S phone booth. It provides a cosy haven of peace and tranquillity away from busy areas for taking crucial calls and more.


Studiobricks Hola

This Hola privacy booth is a mobile, room-saving, and stylish phone booth for one person. It is mounted on a caster for easy mobility. It provides a cosy workspace and is ideal for conducting phone conversations or taking part in video conferences. The company labelled it as a “stand-up booth with a high table.”

Few privacy booths, like the brand-new model from Hola, are fire safe. To meet this criterion, fire-resistant materials were used in the development of the booth, including the interior accessories/components.


Key Takeaway For Office Privacy Booth!

Fully open-plan workplaces are a thing of the past; now is the time to embrace privacy booths and enjoy the myriad advantages they provide to foster a setting that is more conducive to businesses thriving. Browse Après Furniture‘s selection of office pods right away, or contact us to learn how we can best meet your unique requirements.