These Office Mesh Chairs Are An Investment Of A Lifetime

As an employer, your employee’s health must be of utmost priority. Of course, with poor health, they cannot perform. When they have to sit in one place for an extended period, things can get pretty rough. From backaches to sitting posture to sweat, everything can pile up on one another. This can, in the long term, be detrimental.
Within a workplace, this can be dealt with in one way: through the right furniture pieces, particularly office chairs. These will not only be a permanent investment but also be fully enjoyed in a workplace, making employees not feel apprehended as they enter the office.
Here are our picks of some of the best office mesh chairs from an array of options in the market.


Zephyr Light Office Chair

The Zephyr Light Office Chairs were made with one thing in mind, i.e., ‘seating that gently fits the body, made affordable’.
This light mesh chair has an ergonomic design that also boasts Japanese culture and design aesthetics. Its smooth organic lines are a standout feature that gives the overall chair a classy look.
Other notable characteristics include 4-dimensional polished arms, lumbar support, and height and adjustment throughout the chair. It is durable and will serve as a valuable member of your office furniture for a long time.


Una Plus Chairs

The Una Plus Chairs maintain the standard office chair design but with a twist of class. Its superb ergonomic seating design is due to the high-quality materials that make it a perfect piece of office furniture that will last forever. The 5-star base made of die-cast aluminium adds to its durability.
These office mesh chairs are technologically new, with unique and precise features that help them stand out. This full mesh chair has a single section of elastic material that is firmly tensioned, allowing for more ventilation around the back. This is a shift from traditional upholstery that ensures breathability and air circulation.
Of course, with a wide selection of colour options, you can get it customised in a shade that fits your office environment.


Trinetic Chair

The Trinetic Chair is a fully certified dynamic chair that doesn’t require manual adjustment. It is the next generation of office chairs that adjust to the user as they sit on it.
The designer was particular about adding circulatory and musculoskeletal benefits that support any micromovement you might make when sitting on it. This means the Trinetic chair will adjust itself to whoever uses it, making it a multiuser piece.
It can be customised into a mesh chair or one with fabric upholstery.


Key Takeaway For Office Mesh Chairs!

Our extensive range of office mesh chairs will certainly have something of your liking. The option to customise them to fit your office aesthetic is one aspect we, at Apres Furniture, are proud of. To top it off, we also offer interior design consultation, which means you do not have to look elsewhere. We are a one-stop shop for all your office furniture needs.