The Ultimate Office Storage Solutions Have Arrived

A modern office has all the right elements to it that help in making the space more functional and uncluttered. The key piece of furniture that allows for that to happen is storage units. They make a big difference in daily operations, contributing to added efficiency and organisation.

Of course, when files and other useful equipment are stored appropriately, it lets you use the extra floor or desk space, save time trying to find anything, and, most importantly, improve the feel and overall look of the space.

Here are a few office storage solutions that you must install in your office right away.


Sinetica Standard Storage

While the Sinetica Standard Storage looks like your regular and traditional credenza unit, it is way more than that. Perfect for file and document storage, this unit can be customised into having cupboards, drawers, and cabinets, depending upon your need.

Having multiple configurations also helps you maintain the aesthetic of your office. You can also ask for glass doors on the Sinetica unit to display its components. It truly is a classy touch to add to it.

These are also available in a few height options and colour finishes. Each of these has a unique look to offer of its own. This unit seamlessly fits any room and other furniture present in it.


Systemfile Storage Unit

The highly attractive with good density storage SystemFile Storage Unit is a must-have in every workplace. With a range of different unit types, for example, drawers, flippers, and cupboard and door units, this piece is versatile.

It fits every working environment and allows for effortless storage of files, documents, and other equipment. You can customise it in 5 carcase heights. With several door finishes and handles, you can make the SystemFile unit however you like.


TriAss Carcase

The modular TriAss Carcase is designed to serve the looks and meet all your daily storage needs.

The elegant-looking TriAss credenza unit is available in two heights. Each of these has unique specifications of its own, varying in door types or cabinet or drawer options.

On the other hand, the pedestals can be placed under or beside the table for personal employee usage or as a tall standing unit for a few people on the floor. It can be customised into a mobile unit that can freely move around for added functionality. The configuration of the overall unit depends on you.

It has shelving units, cabinets, and sideboards made of quality materials that will last the TriAss carcase for a lifetime. Its simplicity exudes class and adds minimalism to the workplace.


Key Takeaway For Office Storage Solutions!

Your employees searching for things in haste and wasting time is the last thing you want for your organisation. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it is also unappealing to the eye. We, at Apres Furniture, have the best storage solution options. You can personalise any of them to fit your workplace aesthetic and needs.