The Right Furniture For Your Minimalist Office

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” said the greatest artist of all time. We cannot argue with Leonardo da Vinci, now, can we? For a lot of reasons, aesthetic enthusiasts prefer minimalism over extravagance.

Outlandish design, overcomplication, and unnecessary features are bound to clutter your office, no matter how hard you try to work it out. Be it an extra drawer or a centrepiece jutting out and blocking your path, it becomes an absurd hassle that you are stuck with.

Orderly, classic, and suave furnishings have a different vibe altogether. The moment you enter a room polished and fittingly minimal, your mood lifts. Two or more seconds are dedicated to the thought: whoa, this place is cool.

Of course, that is only accomplished if you successfully blend the elements of your office interior as one. Haphazardness and clashes only irk people out, so be sure to keep that in mind.

At Après, elegance is highly appreciated. We have a large collection of furniture that suits a minimalist’s needs. Follow through this post to get to know some of the best minimalistic office furniture options you can find out there.


1.   Tom Lounge Chair

The quality of the design and the use of quality material is evident in the Tom Lounge Chairs line of mid- and high-back lounge seats. Tom Lounge Seating was created by highly regarded contract and facilities designer Francés Rifé, and it stands out for the lightness and minimalism of its forms and structures.

These chairs might also look great in an office cubicle, but they are best suited for public spaces like hotel lobbies, restaurants, and airport lounges. When paired with dining chairs, the high- or low-backed armchairs from the Tom collection create an integrated look for the furnished space.


2.   Bac Table

The Jasper Morrison-designed Bac Table by Cappellini, with its emphasis on minimalism and plain lines, is perfect as a casual conference table or in a breakout area. It comes in circular or rectangular shapes and has surfaces made of wood or linoleum with an ash base built that is white- or wengè-stained.


3.   Uniq Phone Booth

The design philosophy of the MICROFFICE Uniq Phone Booth is one of duality, striking a balance between the essential concepts of body and space, transparency and unobtrusiveness, firmness yet softness, and intimacy yet openness. A sturdy shell surrounds the confines. From one perspective, the result is opaque, a “physical barrier dividing two universes.”

From another angle, it blends in with the background almost completely. The UNIQ and larger QUADRIO versions’ glass ceilings bathe the occupant in calming natural light. The components utilised to make MICROOFFICE were carefully chosen by the designers. As a result, the tranquil design captures the simplicity and strength of their marvellous concept.


Key Takeaway For Minimalist Office!

It all starts and ends with simplicity. While the norm has always been spending more money to look better, the statement is nullified the moment minimalism is put into the equation. That is all too well known at Apres Furniture, so be sure to contact us to guide you through every step of the way.