The Many Different Types Of Office Chairs

When compared to the other types of office chairs, executive chairs are often the most luxurious option available. As their name suggests, executive office chairs are most frequently utilized by higher-ups in an organization. It has a tall back, a lot of padding in the back, seat, and headrest, and was designed to make an authoritative impression.


Style And Comfort Can Come Hand In Hand!

The classic model of the office chair can be found in a substantial number of organizations. This is because it offers stability and comfort during your working day while simultaneously being suitable for an atmosphere involving collaboration.

Après Furniture’s vast selection of chairs with mid- and high backs provides seating options that are appropriate for a wide variety of settings, including offices and large conference rooms.

The Zephyr Office Task Chairs have a gorgeous design, an ankle tilt reclining feature, and natural contours. The backrests on Okamura Zephyr office task chairs come in two assorted styles: a light mesh back and a variant with comfortable cushions. There are eleven different mesh and fabric colours to choose from.

This contemporary office chair strives to be calm and was inspired by the curves of nature. Change the seat’s height and back angle without getting up from your seat.


Intricate Designs And Vast Varieties

The ergonomic design of the chair for the office ensures that everything is always within easy reach. They assist users in finding the ideal position and optimal posture by having features such as adjustable seats, armrests and headrests, lumbar support, breathable mesh backs, gas lift, and a variety of other functions.

The Xross Chair is a sophisticated armchair with either a swivel base or a fixed base that is made of circular tubing and has a highly polished surface. It is distinguished by the intricate stitching detail that accentuates the chair’s clean lines.

The Xross Swivel Armchair can be paired with a table that has either a wooden or frosted glass top to complete the look. It has around ten per cent recycled materials and 35% of other recyclable components. Seat shell crafted from FSC-certified plywood.


Premium Material Usage Gives The Look Of An Organized Office

Premium materials such as exquisite wood and genuine leather were used in its construction. The seats of executive chairs are often padded to an excessive degree, and both the armrests and backrests are upholstered in genuine leather.

Some even come equipped with luxuries such as a massage head or a function that allows you to recline. The Zeus Armchair is understated, sophisticated, and exquisite. The intricate upholstery of this office reception armchair harmonizes with a delicate circular steel base to create a style that is both linear and timeless.



Après Furniture is a well-known furniture brand that has been in business for more than two decades and offers a wide range of furniture items and services. All the furniture, including high-quality office chairs, is built to the highest international standards.